Thursday, April 30

Join The M.F.C. (Middle Finger Club) Movement

Join the middle finger club, the place where we just don't give a fuck! Some one puts you down, don't argue hell you don't have 2 say a word let your middle finger do the talkin' wit the magic words "Fuck You!". Ahhh... doesn't that make you feel good its the new

Shout outs 2 my partner in crime Jayson Bronson, follow him @

I wasn't a founder of this movement but I'm like a President next to the C.E.O.

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Tuesday, April 28

Bad Boy Is The Last Label Standing???

He said if Bad Boy falls off everybody just gets production Diddy's gettin' senile don't forget Aftermath. Lol @ Diddy Bop. No hate just lol...

Clipse Ft. KanYe West - Kinda Like a Big Deal

This beat is sick! Damn I really need to step my game up but this beat is produced by DJ Khalil. He got millions of dollars worth of equipment so I'm far from that but don't under estimate me I won't stop. KanYe killed it as usual & da Clipse got a hot one, The Neptunes should be make beats like this wit their weird sound. Come on Pharrell I'm rootin' 4 u!....Only on the music side not the fashion

I'm Glued To The Computer! Twitter vs. Myspace vs Facebook

1st it was just AOL chat rooms, then in 2006 Myspace becames this big phenomenon. In 2008 Facebook takes over & now in 2009 it's all about Twitter. I was chattin' wit mad people on Myspace since late 05' by 07' it got real corny (People on myspace got real shy!). In 07' I've joined Facebook & saw all of my high school friends. Damn I even seen friends way back to my catholic school I heard about twitter through Miss Info's blog one day so I wanted 2 check it out. I didn't understand it so I deleted my account a month later restored my account & I found my boy Jayson Bronson on it. I like it, it's the new crack but let's not forget beat makin' comes 1st. My question is what's gonna happen to Myspace & Facebook? Will they rejuvenate them selves? Ha! Hell No!, Fuck outta here!
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Sunday, April 26

Beats By Dr. Dre

I'm crazy enough to actually buy Dre's headphones, cause it's expensive. @ Best Buy it costs $200 but the website sells it to you for $349.95. Ummm.... I rather take the $200 please if the price didn't change. I tried it out @ Best Buy & I luv it, da sound quality is amazing. I'm only usin' it for studio purposes. (I don't wanna go I know my lil' bro gonna wanna borrow it like he does wit anything I

Ummm....I Dunno

1st thing comes to mind is Young Dro's shoes, one of my uncle's on my father's side sport I'm tryin' 2 take it easy on the jokes, it can be very vicious but smh @ his shorts & man bag. I mean hey dat's how yall get down so do u.

Swizz Beatz - When I step In The Club (Hennessy Black Prodject)

I like the song. Swizz Beatz 2 me is the best rapper/producer 2 make songs 4 the club.
Check out the clip...

Friday, April 24

The Best Commercial Out Since The R&B Micky D's Commercial

I luv this commercial! It's the best commercial since The Micky D's commercial wit da dude sing about sharin' some Mc nuggets. This is a Heineken commercial & Heineken is my favorite beer so its only right!
Check out the clip...

Thursday, April 23

Duane Can't Reade

1st off smh @ myself for gettin' up 5:30 in the mornin' just to go to Duane Reade's orientation @ 8:15am. (from New Jersey 2 New York) I was up there till 4:00pm, but we had a lunch break I was gonna just leave but I left some of my stuff & I couldn't leave it behind smh...

We was practicin' customer service, some dude was the cashier, I was the customer. I said I was lookin' 4 some peanut Butter & he looked @ me like he never heard of peanut butter. He froze! Is that the type of customer service u get @ a store! Anyway he was supposed to show me where it is but without leavin' the register, sending some assistance from another team member but dude didn't get the lessen he just froze! So the trainer said how did u get here? What store sent u here? Dude said Peanut Butter? (Huh?) Everybody was dyin' (I think I was the most I'm workin' wit him.) So 4 the rest of the orientation when anyone mentions the words peanut butter we start lol... After that the trainer was iffy about hirin' the guy. I'm like he don't seemed handicapped he's just a dumb ass & he's got an accent, so it's hard to understand him. I know I'm wrong I felt bad a lil' for laughin' @ him but fuck it u would

The rate of pay @ Duane Reade s 7.15\hr, if you workin' @ Duane Reade you're gettin' cheated out of some cash but if you a dumb mutha fucka you can get a job @ Duane Reade Good Luck...
P.S. I wasn't talkin' 'bout the dude in the pic. I found the
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Wednesday, April 22

Mouse Budden Trap On The Real

Mouse Budden Trap from jeff on Vimeo.

The same 2 white boys from my last post sits down wit Tahiry again to speak bout Joe Budden's beef wit The Real. Its funny & peep the end of the clip...

Monday, April 20

Joe Budden & Tahiry On The Real

Pushing Buddens from jeff on Vimeo.

I'm gonna dedicate a post to Tahiry cause of this video, you'll see what I mean when you watch her @ the 1:50 mark...

Nicki Minaj My Favorite Female Rapper & Did I Mention She's Sexy...

I luv Nicki Minaj why? cause she's better than a lot of guys in rap & she can go up against Lil' Wayne. If she gets out rhymed by Wayne believe me it would be close. 1st time time I've heard her spit she was on Lil' Wayne's Drought 3 mixtape in 2007. They rhymed over The Young Gunz record "Can't Stop Won't Stop" & I played that song on repeat. Soon enough I found her Myspace to listen to more songs & I was feelin' da freestyle she did over Biggie's "Warning". She droped the "Playtime Is Over" mixtape wit DJ Big Mike & it was impressive. The very next year she dropped the "Sucka Free" mixtape hosted by Lil' Wayne & she's on her way. Sucks she didn't make the XXL freshman of 09, She's gonna need to p out more shit.

Yo she killed me wit da imfamous pic wit her squatin' down suckin' on a lollipop kinda like da Lil' Kim pic posin' for her "Hardcore" album in 1996. Hope she workin' on that ablum soon cause she gotta rep da NYC, she may live in da ATL but its about da NYC. For now you can catch her on a few Gucci Mane records, Nicki Minaj T.V. & The Young Money Album.
Here are some pics of Nicki....

The chick next to Nicki her name is Shanell. She's a lil' cute lil' thang. Imma wait till she gets more info & songs out before I dedicate a post to her...

Sunday, April 19

Joe Budden T.V. - 6 In The Mornin'

Joe Budden gets home 5 somthin' in da mornin' & Tahiry was asleep, Joe is horny & Tahiry was. So they was arguin' Luv it... When a man is horny & a woman ain't that's a problem but what can we do about it? When a woman is horny & uhhh...lets just say a man ain't present @ that time then it's a ever bigger problem & you lost your oppitunity 2 fuck. That's some marrige shit & I wonder how my parents do it, wit not extra details added. (That's nasty!)
Check out the clip...
P.S. She's sexy witout make up. Not 2 many girls can pull that off...

Snuggles Keepin' It Real

This is not for the The real Snuggles cursin' & what not. Maybe he didn't get his check on
Check out the clip...

Saturday, April 18

The Style War From Complex & Nah Right

I was on The Lupe E.N.D. Blog (Lupe Fiasco's Blog) & saw some Hip Hop tournament brackets NCAA tournament style. They have "The Golden Age Division", "The Flashy & Classy Division", "The Originality Division" & "The Hood Division". I didn't agree wit some of the rappers bein' placed in certain divisions but whatever do whatever floats your boat. Shame on them for not puttin' Eminem in the tournament.

Question: If you are rapper or just pretend you are a rapper, what division you would place yourself in? Imma rapper & will drop some material real soon just gotta handle some fiances but if I blow up I would be between "The Originality Division" or "The Flashy & Classy Division" & it seems like I'm on my way to "The Flashy & Classy Division" cause I'm Fresh as I'm is now but I don't really wanna toot my own

Check out the brackets

I Haven't Blogged In 2 Days

I got an interview Monday @ 11am & another Tuesday @ 11am. (WTF? Is 11am is a primary time to interview? I hope I get another job cause my current job is slicin' my hours. I like to thank all the people who voted 4 Bush for his 2 terms cause he threw us in a ditch. (recession) If Macain won man we would be finished. You gotta be on your grind or you gonna be homeless. I'm grindin' cause I refuse to be broke again in the summertime. I've been invited to parties & what not & had 2 turn it down. Naw fuck that! (Don't mind me I'm just ramblin' so...wish me luck.)

Wednesday, April 15

Eminem On The Cover Of XXL

I like the cover it's creative it makes the issue real important but when it comes to Eminem you gotta wonder what is on that man's mind. Truthfully I wanna know what he thinks about Asher Roth. Nuttin' negative just curious. Asher Roth is compared to Eminem just like any white rapper but Asher sounds like Em but wit a deeper voice, slower flow & different concept. Asher feel pressured & don't like the comparison to Eminem but Em felt the same way bein' compared to Villa Ice & didn't like bein' in the same list of pop stars wit Britney Spears, N Sync & Christina Aguilera. That's like Lerbon & Dawayne Wade bein' compared to Jordan, it's not fair but you just gotta be yourself & soon after you'll get your respect....
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Redman Speaks Wit Bella About Sex

It's funny this comes up, yesterday me & a chick I knew were talkin' 'bout sex & asked me if I'm a freak & I said yeah, you wanna find That's a question I don't get everyday so she must wanna find out. She paused but her look says it all, then her boyfriend walks into me & says hey man you keepin' my girl company for me thanks! WTF? This El Debarge lookin' muthafucka roolin' up on like that!? So I kept it cool & said, naw she's keepin' me company. He said thanks & kept it movin'. We don't like each other cause me & his girl chillin' & he has a problem wit his girl. If she wanna get out I can get her out no problem I'll be happy to takin' over, other wise its respect to her but fuck dat

The subject we were talkin' about was similar to the video Redman had wit model Bella. There another video Tru Life had wit some model if u wanna check that out its on
Check out the clip...

P.S. Bella is lookin' sexy as ever....

Tuesday, April 14

Joe Budden - Exxxes

I like the song & video its better than the last record "In My Sleep" I think that's what it's called. Joe Budden has model Milani Rose in the video (I like, I like) at least Joe Budden is not in a bad mood. Smile nigga Still haven't heard Padded Room, who got the record?
Check out the video...

Lil' Wayne vs DJ's

Cash Money is sueing some DJs for unauthorized & selling of Lil' Wayne's mixtapes & DJ's are pissed. Last year Lil' Wayne said fuck dem DJs & they leaked Tha Carter III & as a result C3 sold 3 million. 1 point for Now the DJs are killin' Wayne wit the pic above the text & created websites like Lil Wayne Gonna Sue You.

Wow! I think its funny but DJs are under appricated in Hip Hop but I don't like all that leaking. Go get a gig in radio, the clubs or get a rapper & do a mixtape, build your name the real way. Like DJ Drama, Clue, Kay Slay, Whoo Kid, Flex, Enuff,Envy & many more. Why do u think everyones albums are gettin' pushed back so much? This is funny but corny @ the sametime....

Monday, April 13

Keri Hilson My Favorite Female Artist & She's Sexy Too...

I've seen Keri since she was on an old X-Zibit joint called "Hey Now" back in 2004. Next thing I know she's on Lloyd Banks single "Help" in 2006. Same year I saw her on Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's" video without actually knowin' its Keri, she sittin' on the hood of a cadalic chewin' on some bubble wit a hoodie on. I was like damn who's that? Later I found out it was her when Timbo's "The Way I Are" came out, after "Engery" I've been rockin' wit her actually when she was on 106 & Park tellin' the world she was the girl on Usher's "Love In The Club" & demonstrated her movers on Terrance J. (Lucky dude) :( Her album In A Perfect World is hot I'm coppin' that but I'm disappointed cause she said she like dark skin guys.

Come on let's get over this light skin, dark skin thing. Light skins are back (Light skin girls never really left tho) stop denyin' this we are all black like my imitate family. My oldest brother is dark as night & I'm light as day. (almost) My Lil' brother & parents are in between, see all shades of black so stop all that. Shamar Moore, Al Be Sure, Debarge & Prince are outta business its over!

Its Ok Keri I forgive Here's some pics of her & check out this new joint she's featured on wit Asher Roth's "She Don't Want A Man" on the right side of the screen under twitter updates.

P.S. I like girls wit short hair a lot more, blame it on Keri, Rihanna & Brooke (From Harlem Heights)

Sunday, April 12

Ashley Logan Appears On The Kay Slay Show

My favorite Urban Model/Video Vixen Ashley Logan came on the show to air out XXL Blogger Byron Crawford. He's been posting some negatives about Ashley & she's mad. (I think she caught the drama bug from Kay Slay, I mean he is the Drama King right?) She said "He writes like a faggot". Damn well I read one of Byron's articles months ago & his posts states is Ashley Logan really white? (Cause she gotta big ol' butt.) Well I always tune into some Kay Slay beef cause dude is funny as hell so check out the clip...

Alejandro Ingelmo Footwear

They look nice & look expansive. You won't catch these @ your local Foot Locker. I ain't trppin' tho, I just get sneakers I can afford & usually I get some nice ones. So why worry, one of these days I can be a trend setter & it takes money to do that. Go to another country like Japan come back & sport somthin' the U.S. don't even have in stores & if it's nice within a year everybody has it. Like those damn scarfs KanYe got everyone rockin'. (Notice he moved on Spring is here I got a lot of work to do.

To see more colors & designs go to
kanyeuniversecity or highsnobiety

Saturday, April 11

The Lonely Island Ft. Seth Rogen - Like A Boss

I feel like goin' to work & whoopin' my boss ass for cutin' my hours but this video is stupid as specially when he was fuckin' a fish & South Park producers says KanYe is a gay fish... Marinate on that one...
Shout outs 2 Neal 4 da clip...

Nicki Minaj Talks To Lil' Scrappy On NickiMinajTV

I love Nicki Minaj because she can hang wit da big boys, best female rapper right now & she a sexy lil' thang too. (Lil' Scrappy hikin' on New York niggas. Southern niggas sound funny too don't even try it SHAWTY!
Check out the clip....

Friday, April 10

Chris Tucker Breaks His Trumpet Award. Funny!

Chris Tucker get some cheap trumpet award & it comes apart as he gives a long ass acceptance speech. Damn he turned an embarrassing moment into a funny one but hey he's a comedian right? He just set an example for all the wack comedians of this decade...

Thursday, April 9

KanYe West On South Park.

LMAO!!! KanYe looks like a damn fool... It's funny I posted the airin' of the episode on this blog & I still missed WTF? I only saw the end of it last nite before I went out to the pool hall.
If You missed here it is....

Keyshia Cole On The Cover Of King Magazine

Keyshia Cole on King for the 2nd time, I didn't like her last issue 2-3 years ago. She was borin' me but this cover looks good. This issue has Keyshia on the cover or you can get the other cover wit Tahiry (Joe Budden's girl). I'm gonna go wit Tahiry on this one. I got word that this is the final King issue. Can I get some back issues??

Jadakiss - Block Lockdown

Double videos again this time it's Jadakiss. I've heard "The Last Kiss" & I like it but I know everyone prefers "Kiss The Game Goodbye" as his best album. I believe his best songs on that album is his best songs period but I prefer "Kiss Of Death" because it's his overall best album. (My opinion) Watch this clip as he remakes "Love Lockdown" into "Block Lockdown" it's funny as

Wednesday, April 8

Electrik Red Ft. Lil' Wayne - So Good & Young Money - Every Girl

I decided to double up on videos because both videos have one thing in common. Well 2 things in common & one of them is Lil' Wayne but he's not important, the other is girls. The 1st video belongs to Electrik Red "So Good" I've seen them girls in various of music videos & magazines. I can't say they are good singers but I like their moves. The song ain't bad tho. The 2nd video "Every Girl" I like the song & most of all the message. Shit I wish I could fuck every pretty girl in the world. All I got now is the local girls & I can't wait to check em' out, soon as I handle my lil' recession problem. I'll be around I ain't goin' no where yet...

Tahiry On The Cover Of King Magazine

Tahiry is Joe Budden's girl who basically stars on Joe Budden T.V. On that first episode when they was in the kitchen & Joe was wildin' out, crackin' jokes & what not, then BOOM! There goes Tahiry's ass. I hope Tahiry agrees to do a backshot. I've been waitin' for this for a month now but it seems like King is goin' out of business, its like they droppin' a new issues every 2 months WTF? If it goes outta business I'm makin' sure I coppin' this issue no doubt...

Tuesday, April 7

KanYe West Make An Appearence On South Park

I use 2 watch "South Park" back 11 years ago. I watched it because I didn't have Cartoon Network yet & it was the only cartoon on @ midnite. But I'll check it out & see how funny they got KanYe lookin' This will be the first in 11 years so why not...

The show airs tomorrow 10pm

Saturday, April 4

News Anchor Looks Like A Dumb Ass On T.V.

Shout out to Nick for sendin' me this clip....

Jessica Biel....

Jessica Biel sits down wit Access Hollywood to talk about her new film "Powder Blue". She plays an exotic dancer. Damn when can I get my tickets...

Friday, April 3

Jim Jones Documentary: Jay-Z vs Dame Dash

I like music documentaries you learn about your favorite artist life & the behind the scenes of his/her career. I don't listen to Jim Jones or anything like that but when I saw his documentary was about the fall of Roc-A-Fella Records, yeah I'll check it out. Damn those where the days....

Thursday, April 2

I've Been Thinkin'....

I was walkin' down 125th in Harlem thinkin' (really I'm lookin' 4 a job cause the job I'm @ now they choppin' my hours.) anyway I'm thinkin' about the New York rap scene, New York hasn't been on top since 2002 so it seems like New York is following the south & aren't proud of it. New York Hip Hop were known to criticize the south & the west coast on what's real Hip Hop. Now what I see is the south gettin' their revenge a lil' bit & criticizin' what should be Hip Hop. I'm not complainin' anymore I'm like fuck it, if I like some songs cool if I don't move on cause I'm not mad @ the south dancin' & all cause New York did that in the late 80's & the early 90's before the Chronic. New York had the Harlem shake so New York started dem wack dances. Soulja Boy I don't like him but I respect the dude, he found his audince & he's got some hits. I'm gonna get my money hit up New York hard, all over manhattan (Harlem too.) & Brooklyn. I'm gonna have fun & make music & if you don't like it someone else will then you'll like it

Wednesday, April 1

Plotin' A New York Takeover...

It's not so much a takeover it's more like paintin' the town red. I wasn't thinkin' about moving to New York cause of the rent expenses but I wanted to be close like maybe Jersey City. Then one of my uncles passes away & it gave me the opportunity to move back to Brooklyn & to live wit my cousins. Because of the recession I had a hard time comin' up wit money to pay the rent so I never moved & my chances were on hold. My uncle (who owns the house) is rentin' not only my spot but the upstairs apartment. Maybe in 2 years my spot will be reserved for me again. Fuck dat, I'm not waitin' for 2 years I'm lookin' to make moves now. I was startin' to like the feelin' of New York so why not Harlem? Whatever just thinkin' like always & I need roomates let's make that
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