Tuesday, April 14

Lil' Wayne vs DJ's

Cash Money is sueing some DJs for unauthorized & selling of Lil' Wayne's mixtapes & DJ's are pissed. Last year Lil' Wayne said fuck dem DJs & they leaked Tha Carter III & as a result C3 sold 3 million. 1 point for Wayne...lol. Now the DJs are killin' Wayne wit the pic above the text & created websites like Lil Wayne Gonna Sue You.

Wow! I think its funny but DJs are under appricated in Hip Hop but I don't like all that leaking. Go get a gig in radio, the clubs or get a rapper & do a mixtape, build your name the real way. Like DJ Drama, Clue, Kay Slay, Whoo Kid, Flex, Enuff,Envy & many more. Why do u think everyones albums are gettin' pushed back so much? This is funny but corny @ the sametime....

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