Tuesday, March 31

Joe Budden T.V. - If I Was Single!!!

Joe Budden bumpin' dat Drake mixtape in the background. Joe said "it's the dopest shit out" but his girl says "get off his dick!" (Oh Shit!... lol) So they buggin' out. Joe said "if I was single & got in the "V" (vechile) & seats reclined"...well watch it for yourself... lol. I luv watchin' Joe Budden T.V. & I still gotta check out dat Padden Room album...

Monday, March 30

Spring Is Here, Time 2 Switch Up My Sneaker Game...

No matter the weather your sneaker game should be on point but the spring & summer time is where it counts the most. You can stay in your lane wit some regulars like Jordans, Airforces & Dunks or change up wit ATO Matsumotos, Supras, Greedy Genius or even try out da new Air Yeezys. What ever you do, do it B.I.G. cause I'm gonna mine when you see me...lol

Check Out: www.kicksonfire.com, www.hypebeast.com & www.letmeseeyourfootwork.com

Saturday, March 28

Ashley Logan

Ashley Logan is one of my favorite urban models out. She's a premier face on Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin' Magazine & famous for appearing on "The Howard Stern Show" along wit Flo-Rida (She got tricks, Howard never saw an ass like that...lol) Here's 2 other pics from Ashley...

Personal Computers Ain't Personal No More.

Man I hope The Obama Administration is joking cause this is some bull shit. The U.S. & European nations working on laws allowing them access to search the content held on your hard drive & pacifically they're lookin' for music & you know why they would check your music.

Friday, March 27

Brooke Jasmyn From "Harlem Heights".

Brooke Jasmyn is the sexiest girl on the show. (in my opinion) I only watch Harlem Heights 2 watch her sexy ass... I'm really startin' 2 like girls wit da short hair cut. Rihanna, Keri Hilson & Brooke Jasmyn the hottest since Halle Berry & Toni Braxton from a decade ago.

Thursday, March 26

Fuck Twitter!

2 days ago I figured since I'm on twitter all the time, I should put twitter on my phone but I couldn't figure out how to make that happen. Then Yesterday I tried again, mission accomplished. All of a sudden all the updates from the twitters I'm following their messages go straight to my phone...lol So I had hundreds of texts & I was pissed. Some how textin' twitter to get them to stop the messages didn't work so I had to remove everyone I'm following to stop the messages from comin' in. What sucks is that I had 2 open another account wit da same name so I won't get those text messages & I changed my old account's name into "deletedonce" if you didn't know. I'm not doin' this again I'm use twitter on the web & only the web fuck that. I know I get unlimited text but my contract is already up so I hope the bill won't kill me otherwise I'll be one angry dude...lol

Wednesday, March 25

Keri Hilson Ft. KanYe West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down

I luv Keri in this one but what caught me is KanYe @ the end of the video, he look like he was gonna kick Ne-Yo's ass. I dunno Ne-Yo might win the fight tho...lol

Tuesday, March 24

End Recession & Start Recess

Recess, haven't had that since I was a kid. The life of a kid & the life of an adult is the same difference. All you wanna do is to have a good time but as an adult you would do things like hittin' up da clubs, shopping, goin' out 2 eat, travelin & so on. Since the recession hit our economy its hard 2 have a good time. People loosin' their homes, jobs & like me, havin' a smaller paycheck cause your boss cut your hours. Now you gotta watch your finances but as a kid you ain't gotta worry about a damn thing just kick back & relax, play video games & what not.

When I was a kid I didn't even know The World Trade Center blew up back in 1993 why? Cause I didn't give a fuck, just play my Super Nintendo & call it a day, untill my moms yell at me for somthin'. (but the O.J. case caught my attention back in 1994.) All I'm sayin' is hopefully Obama can pull us out of the whole Bush put us in, we get our selves together & have recess all over again...

Monday, March 23

The Lonely Island Ft. T-Pain - I'm On A Boat

I'm late, this been out a month already but if I had a blog a month ago I would've post it...
P.S. They sound like a bad version of The Beastie Boys...

LOL @ Twitter...Gotta Luv It....

I was thinkin' before I went 2 bed (this morning...lol) celebs are gonna be celebs but some twitters out there crack me up thinkin' they right along wit the rest of the celebs. You ain't Hollywood your nobody, what u achieve? Not a damn thing!...lol I like Twitter tho, got some funny muthafuckas on there, that's cool but I think I need to cut down my Twitter time & focus on my music a lil' more. So it side tracked me for a while now it's time 2 stay focused. Back 2 Beat makin'....

Sunday, March 22

Vanessa Veasley On The Cover Of Show Case Premier Issue

Its a spin off from Show Magazine. I think it's more like a swimsuit thing but I'm coppin' that issue...

Kayo Black T.V. coming soon....

As soon as I get a video cam Imma start Kayo Black T.V. I'm gonna be all over New York & New Jersey. You too can be on my Youtube channel, you won't believe some of the places I' ll shoot. Stay Tunned....

Saturday, March 21

88-Keys Ft. KanYe West - Stay Up (Viagra)

My favorite video of the year so far. 88-Keys (Clifford) KanYe (Rufus) runnin' around Hollywood wit 2 dyme pieces one black (She's from Hell Date) & one white. I don't like thinkin' 2 far ahead of my future but I don't wanna sit around wishin' I'd still had a sex life. Naw if I have 2, pop in dat viagra & give her the nite of her life.

Roxy Reynolds Stars In Murs "Me & This Jawn" Video

Roxy Reynolds is one of my favorite porn stars cause she looks almost like a regular chick, basically a lady in the street & a freak in the bed. I don't listen 2 Murs but I like the video. I rather be in this position wit Roxy... (video starts in 10sec)

KanYe West Guest Stars On Keri Hilson's "Make Love" Video

Now some people say KanYe is gay but you might wanna think about it. Peep how he's pushin' up on Keri a lil' bit, tryin' 2 sneak a kiss in there...lol (@ the 1:30 mark)

Friday, March 20

Kayo Black 2DAY Just Touched Down....

Whats good people this is my 1st blog post. Shout 2 Jay Bronson from Jason's Brain (check out his blog site). He gave me the idea 2 start a blog, I wasn't gonna start one till' the summer but now is the perfect time, besides gotta expand somewhere... right? Stay tunned 4 more post, I'm 'bout 2 go out ~1~