Wednesday, September 30

Lebron James: More Than A Game Trailer

Wow I remember when Lebron's buzz was crazy, my pears in high school tried 2 dunk like him...smh. I knew a dude who is almost Lebron's size he was about 6'7" & dude @ 17 can't even run, dude moves slow like Anyway Lebron needed to make this movie cause Jordan did not have a buzz like this comin' outta high school, his buzz cause @ his last year in college. Now he's one of the best in the leauge, only person ahead of Lebron is Kobe. One day we will see those 2 face off in the finals.
Check out the clip...

Big Pun: The Legacy DVD In Stores Now!

We hear about Biggie & Pac all the time & we don't know enuff about Big Pun so here it is.
Check out the clip...

Tuesday, September 29

Megan Fox Poses For Nylon Magazine

She's wearin' some weird shit but what the hell she looks good tho. Also check out the clip, she says ppl always sayin' she looks like she parties all the time & smokes but all she does is stay home & chill. That sounds borin'.

Check out the clip...

Consequence Ft. KanYe West & John Legend – Whatever You Want (Video)

I like the video, all the girls had the same dance moves by swingin' their hair around I know the gotta massive head ache for doin' that It sucks that the song is short but @ least it's good.
Check out the video...

Adidas Skateboarding 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

I haven't warn Adidas in seven years & yes I had the shell toes (all black everything). These are nice, I never wore skateboard type sneakers before so I'm open. Early this year I bought Pumas for the first time so I'm pretty serious. Via: Hypebeast
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Monday, September 28

Phenomenon Pleats Tuxedo

That's hot I would rock these if necessary. This tux will have me feelin' like Hugh Hefner, yep fresh 2 death like a million bucks.
Via: Hype Beast
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Sunday, September 27

Rosa Acosta Is Stretchin' Again :)

Before the stretchin' she speaks on Maino sayin' he was rude to her on the lip service radio.
Check out the clip...

Saturday, September 26

I'm Already Home!!

In case your slow that's the Brooklyn Bridge...

Friday, September 25

Debacle & Nike SB Blazer High

These are hot...& there suede too. Nice I would cop these if I can find them. I know these gotta be $70.00 don't hit me wit dat $200.00 bullshit cause it's not worth it. Via: Hypebeast

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Besides Women I Luv Jordans...

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Thursday, September 24


I wanna see that baby when he turns five...
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Jay-Z On Oprah

Jay-Z speaks 2 Oprah about growin' up in Marcy Projects, the use of the N-Word & teachin' Oprah how 2 rap. Also check out Pt. 2 & Pt. 3.
Check out the clip...

Solebox & Reebok Pump Preview

Reebok pump sneakers that lights up. Wow what took them so long, remember LA Gears?? Damn I had those, I became the most poplar kid in my class until somebody got one better than mine... that Anyway I hope there's more to this than the pump lightin' up & shit...smh
Via: Hypebeast
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KanYe West & Lady Gaga Announces The Fame Kills Tour

Fame Kills from kwest on Vimeo.

Check out the clip...

Wednesday, September 23

Drake Ft. KanYe West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem - Forever (Video)

The video is sick & good 4 Lebron James, I know Lebron is gonna have a great year in the 09-10 NBA Season. Peep Eminem's part featuring Slaughterhouse.
Check out the video...

Jay-Z On German TV Total

Jay-Z speaks on BP3 (Blueprint 3) & freesyles wit the host of TV Total.
check out the clip...

Ghostface & Rosa Acosta On Lip Service

They was talkin' about the smell of pussy, eatin it & the 1st time Ghostface Killah had sex.
Check out the clip...

Tuesday, September 22

Bubbles On Dynasty TV

You do know why her name is bubbles rite?? Well if you look @ her body from the front just assume she gotta fat ass. Dynasty TV interviews Bubbles askin' her how she started modeling & stuff like that. It's a 14 minute video so I just breeze thru it if I was 36D-27-47...Hut!!
Check out the clip...

Affion Crockett - Run This Town (Spoof)

Affion plays Jay-Z & KanYe, Nika Williams plays Rihanna & Rihanna's vocals by Gina Grant. I like this spoof cause this isn't really about Jay-Z or KanYe but u can guess who's the target of this video. Affion is @ it again
Watch this video...

Monday, September 21

Supra Skytops

If I had 2 choose one I'll take the black one all the way in the back but they're all hot. Via Hypebeast
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Sunday, September 20

Michael Jordan Hall Of Fame Letterman Jacket

Nike and Jordan brand have come together to produced a very special edition Letterman Jacket to commemorate Michael Jordan’s recent induction to the Basketball Hall Fame. Assembled from premium leather, embroider patches on the left sleeve highlight Jordan’s numerous achievements – including 10 Scoring Titles, 32,992 Career Points, 5 Times MVP, 2,514 Steals, 14 All-Stars. The Michael Jordan Hall of Fame jacket is currently available at $450 at Nike’s online store. Via: Hypebeast

Wooo... I wouldn't even wear that jacket, that is a collector's item. I'm gonna need 2 put it in a glass case cause I don't wanna want any finger prints on it accept

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Megan Fox Hosting Saturday Night Live

Yes she will host the show wit musical guest U2. Shit Megan Fox is doin' a good deed by keepin' her face out there 4 me, I mean she has 2 cause she on demand anyway. I like 2 see what she's gonna do wit this cause the last show I've seen was last years show featuring KanYe fuckin' up Love Lockdown but it's all good. The show will air next weekend.
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(Oldschool Video) Hitman Sammy Sam - Step Daddy

Yo I don't wanna be a step daddy 2 any kid, fuck It's a pretty good song if you like comedy.
Check out the video...

Hov Knocks The King To #3!! Damn It Feels Good 2 Be Hip Hop!!

Yep 11 albums debuting @ #1, Elvis has 10...

But don't forget who's #1...The Beatles wit 19 albums debuting @ #1...

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Friday, September 18

Miesha Photoshoot For Show Magazine

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Medicom Toy Loopwheeler Bearbrick & Fleece Set

I'm diggin' the hoodie I would rock this if I see it cause it's offical. The toy next to it looks nice either I stunt wit the toy or give it to my lil'

Launching next Sunday, September 26th, will be the latest project between Medicom Toy and fleece specialists Loopwheeler. Amongst the chosen items are a set of Bearbricks, available in 100%, 400%, and 1000% scales, matched up perfectly with zip-down hoody designs on three different color blocks. The hoodies feature a variety of different graphic icons, paying tribute to the brand’s 10th Anniversary, with both sleeves receiving hits as well as the hood and a crest on the left chest area. Via: hypebeast

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Thursday, September 17

Nike Auto Force 180 - NY Knicks

Ok I know the Knicks suck & so what, these are hot & I would indeed rock these in the streets & definitely @ a game. These got the NYC spirit on them, yuup I can rock these. The Nike Auto Force 180's are available @ select Nike retailers.

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The motivation 4 me is them tellin' me what I can not be, oh well... I'm So Ambitious!!

Words from Pharrell along side Jay-Z on this motivational record "So Ambitious". I luv that record cause I have way too many doubters than supporters rootin' 4 me but what ever lemme get that shirt so I can really stand tall wit pride over these haters or bitter family members. The Billionaire Boys pays tribute to The Blueprint 3 (The #1 album in the country) wit 3 designes including this one. I beleive it may be released next week (You might have 2 go on the BBC website 2 find out.)
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Wednesday, September 16

Megan Fox Appears On Rolling Stone

America's sexiest bad girl. That fits like a championship belt around that waist. I'm luvin' the pics, damn she's all over the place yo keep dem pics comin'. In Rolling Stone she says “Men are scared of vaginas.” she says, telling RS a woman is most powerful when she is “completely in charge of her sexuality.” Hmmm... All I got 2 say is, she needs 2 choose her men wisely cause the vagina ain't nuttin' 2 be scared of.

Go to rollingstone video 2 catch Megan Fox's photo shoot.

Alicia Keys On The Today Show

"We appreciate her for bein' overwhelmed & inspired but we prefer she did it from her seat". Ouch no luv 4 Lil' Mama. Alicia Keys also speaks on KanYe as well.
Check out the clip...

Tuesday, September 15

Jay-Z On Fuse Interview

I'm postin' this up cause I didn't see this & 4 you if u didn't see it.
Check out the clip...

KanYe West On The Jay Leno Show

Ok everybody is takin' this Ye & Taylor Swift thing too far. It's already bigger than Chris & Rihanna or that R.Kelly's case even. Ye is wrong for what he did because if somebody took away from his 1st grammy moment he will be upset too but Ye went on Leno & apologized, the very next day. Now how many celebs did that after doin' somthin' crazy?? All I'm sayin' is Taylor isn't actually that upset about it she moved on & did her performance, maybe ppl should do the same. I really don't wanna hear about this for a whole week, besides Patrick Swayze just passed away. Pay respect & shut the fuck up...
Check out the clip...

Monday, September 14

Super 2009 Fall/Winter Sunglasses

That's hot & a lil' unique. I wanna rock those in the New York streets. Hmmm... I should hit up SoHo more often, not sayin' u can find these in SoHo but it doesn't hurt 2 try rite??
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Nike “Eggplant” Big Nike

That's hot I like the purple lavender & the heels, shit looks like somebody was tryin' 2 paint this. Might open me up to wearin' purple clothes but dark purple, let's not go overboard. The Eggplants should hit Foot Locker stores some time this month.

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Eminem's Voice "WTF??"

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Saturday, September 12

Jay-Z On Big Boy's Neighborhood

Imagine Jay-Z is rafting & he sees 3 guys drowning & recognizes the 3 guys is Jim Jones, Dame Dash, & The Game. Who would he help aboard his safety raft?
Listen 2 Jay's response...

Michael Jordan's Basketball Hall Of Fame Speech

Friday, September 11

Congratulations Hall Of Famer Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was indicted into The Basketball Hall Of Fame. The greatest ball player ever in the NBA. If I wasn't raving about Michael Jackson then I'm lookin' @ Michael Jordan play. Watchin' MJ whoopin' the Knicks asses was amazing, I can't hate Mike like I hated Reggie Miller he made me follow him & the Bulls in the playoffs & win his last 3 championships since I miss the 1st 3. (I was a youngin' I didn't care about sports then.)
Check out his highlights...

Thursday, September 10

Rosa Acosta

She was in the "Best I Ever Had" video.
Yummy :)