Wednesday, September 30

Lebron James: More Than A Game Trailer

Wow I remember when Lebron's buzz was crazy, my pears in high school tried 2 dunk like him...smh. I knew a dude who is almost Lebron's size he was about 6'7" & dude @ 17 can't even run, dude moves slow like Anyway Lebron needed to make this movie cause Jordan did not have a buzz like this comin' outta high school, his buzz cause @ his last year in college. Now he's one of the best in the leauge, only person ahead of Lebron is Kobe. One day we will see those 2 face off in the finals.
Check out the clip...


Anonymous said...

LOL Bow Wow lame. His big ass head wouldn't fit on the cd cover art.

(I talk a lot of shit too)

I can't wait to see "More Than a Game" Excited:) The soundtrack is off the hoook. I haven't said "Off teh hook" in forever. It felt nice saying it again, lmfao.

anniyane said...

LeBron James, Dru Joyce, Romeo Travis, Sian Cotton's documentary movie More Than A Game was really nice and of course it made desire about basket ball inside in my heart. i am now 66 old and it is impossible to ply basket ball in this old. But i enjoyed this very much.