Friday, July 24

Diddy On The Late Show

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Lil' Kim Ft. Angie Martinez, Left Eye (R.I.P.), Da Brat & Missy Elliot - Ladies Night 97' VMA Performance

Back when I had a crush on Lil' Kim & Left Eye & I felt Angie Martinez had da best verse but now I think Da Brat got dat but da highlight of da performance was Missy @ da end hoppin' down da isle. ("Yo yo Kim") She fucked up her mic @ da 3:26
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Wednesday, July 22

Lebron Gets Drunked On...

U can run but u can't hide Lebron, TMZ relesed da video. Come on man everybody will get crossed over, blocked, jayed (someone shootin' a jump shot in ya face) & even dunked, damn.
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Tuesday, July 21

Banned Sprite Ad

Look @ dis Sprite Ad, u wouldn't see dis in da US. Ha, thank god 4
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Esther Baxter's Black Men's Magazine Photo Shoot

Esther Baxter is back, she's was my favorite urban model 2 look @. I been behind on da urban magazines because of dem damn news stands I went 2. Dey didn't issue out da urban mags I read, I guess I'll look 4 a new location. Idk da internet has da pics but not from all da urban mags.
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Thursday, July 16

Nas Demo Tape From 1991

This is Nas demo tape, this is some great shit. This demo tape got him signed 2 Columbia Records & led him to put out Illmatic. He got "Nas Will Prevail" (the original version of "It Ain't Hard To Tell"), "Back To The Grill" wit MC Serch (Of 3rd Bass), "Number One With A Bullet" wit Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy & "Life Is Like A Dice Game" (Dats a good one). So here it is enjoy it...
Nas - Orignal Demo Tape


1. Understanding

2. Life Is Like A Dice Game
3. Just Another Day In Projects
4. Deja Vu
5. Back To The Grill Ft. MC Serch
6. Everything Is Real
7. I'm A Villan
8. Number One With A Bullet Ft. Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9. Nas Will Prevail

Tuesday, July 14

Wow...Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here?? Pt.3

Rosa Acosta is @ it again, she's stretchin' on da couch & my personal favorite her bed. World Star Hip Hop says dis is her last video, fuck dat put dis shit on DVD & I'll cop dat (Look 4 Wow...Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here?? Pt.1 in da May Archive.)
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Monday, July 13

T.I. Ft. Mary J Blige - Remember Me

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Slaughterhouse - The One

I hope Joe Budden knows Tahiry could be stalkin' him. Should she blame Joe or da alcohol??
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Michael Jackson Gettin' It In...LOL

Michael Jackson dancin' 2 R. Kelly's Ignition (Remix). Sure he looks crazy but he's normal like you & me. He eats KFC all u Popeyes
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Sunday, July 12

Wow...Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here?? Pt.2

What gym she works out in, she needs 2 have a workout plan 4 us. Not only it would benifit me but also 4 her.
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Saturday, July 11

Nicki Minaj Freesyle On The Deal

She killed it & she's looked good mmmm...
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UFC's Rampage Jackson Dry Humps A Female Reporter

Must be so good he can't stop. U can tell she likes dat shit...
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Megan Fox Stars In "Jennifer's Body" (Movie Trailer)

I hate horror films but dis is da sexiest horror film I ever seen 4 a preview, I wanna see it. Megan Fox preys on mostly guys & kills em' while havin' sex wit em'. Ok so dats why I wanna see da Put me in dat movie & watch me survive. I'll give Megan Fox da time of her
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I'm Hungover Rite Now Kinda Like Da Movie...LMAO,

Yesterday was my birthday so don't ask me what happen cause I don't remember a damn My friends got me on video my shit can leak any moment Awww damn!!

Tuesday, July 7

Goodbye Michael....

This is a rare interview wit Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones. They talked about the makin' of Thriller. Mike shows off his pet snake & mentions other animals he has.
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Monday, July 6

Ghost Ride Da Whip Turned U Been Jacked Moment

Well I hope u learned a valuable lesson what u see on TV is entertainment, dat means dumb ass! Don't do what rappers do on TV or you'll end up like dis idiot lol. I bet u his car is in his mother's
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Sunday, July 5

5th Of July Hangover

Yep I'm a lil' hungover from last nite. I hug out wit my boys & we saw da fireworks then we went to 2 clubs in New York. 1st one was club Porky's (WTF Porky's??), 2nd club Climax. We got in free because both clubs desperately needed people but why turn down free admissions?? We went in to Porky's & da club was tacky, dey didn't have 2 much people in there but they were a bit wild. We stayed for about 30-45 minutes & went in to Climax & it was completely dead. I saw a few broads & mostly guys lookin' bored... Got back 2 Porky's & da club poped off wit a small crowd so its cool I had fun, we stayed 4 an hour or 2. Went back 2 Climax & everyone was actin' all shy & shit so I said fuck em stayed 4 about 30. I had a better shot @ da chick workin' @ da club. When we stepped out we saw a crowd full of people romin' dat streets all 2gether & we realized dey were da small crowd from Porky's. We check out Porky's & dey were empty...Wow...Oh well, we grabbed a bite 2 eat & went home I had a good nite tho, I can't complain...

When we left club Climax dey branded me wit, its black as fuck on my lightskin arm how da fuck Imma wash dis off...lmao. Ok well Imma go & get my hangover remedy I'll catch yall later...

Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th Of July

Yeah shout outs 2 yall lucky bastards havin' BBQs, beware I might crash your BBQ & steal sum chicken & I'm gonna watch da fireworks & probably go clubbin' soon after.
Enjoy your day....

Friday, July 3

Thursday, July 2

Drake - Best I Ever Had (Video) Directed By KanYe West

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Coral (From MTV's Real World Back To New York)

Damn girl! Coral should of been in da "Best I Ever Had" video, she had da titties 4 Yep Coral showin' us da difference between fake tits & what real tits look like.
Enuff talkin' just check out da clip...

Wednesday, July 1

Deep Deep Trouble

I like said I'm gonna find & I found it. "Deep Deep Trouble". They use 2 play this video on dat old music channel "The Box". The channel was 4 da viewers. You call 2 request a video u want them 2 play. It was $1.99 or $2.99 (one or the 4 a video. This video had a lotta air play on da box.
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