Thursday, July 16

Nas Demo Tape From 1991

This is Nas demo tape, this is some great shit. This demo tape got him signed 2 Columbia Records & led him to put out Illmatic. He got "Nas Will Prevail" (the original version of "It Ain't Hard To Tell"), "Back To The Grill" wit MC Serch (Of 3rd Bass), "Number One With A Bullet" wit Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy & "Life Is Like A Dice Game" (Dats a good one). So here it is enjoy it...
Nas - Orignal Demo Tape


1. Understanding

2. Life Is Like A Dice Game
3. Just Another Day In Projects
4. Deja Vu
5. Back To The Grill Ft. MC Serch
6. Everything Is Real
7. I'm A Villan
8. Number One With A Bullet Ft. Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9. Nas Will Prevail

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Anonymous said...

those songs are gonna be dope

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