Saturday, October 31

Jay-Z Ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind

I'm glad Hov made the song & video 4 New York everybody else moves 2 Atlanta, Cali or Miami 2 get hot then call them selves the King of New Some ppl say this song is the new Frank Sinatra joint well Jay suppose 2 be the new Sinatra so I guess it's only fitting.
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Friday, October 30

Twitter's Lists

This list thing came up like 2 days ago & I guess I kinda like it. Now u know where your peoples at if you haven't talked 2 them in a while & you know who u are. Not talkin' 2 me is like not goin' 2 the doctor 4 a check but it's cool, hit me up on twitter...wait isn't that a song??
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Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Perform @ The World Series In Yankees Stadium

Damn props 2 Jay-Z & Damn it feels good 2 see Hip Hop make it!! The performance was great & The Yankees won 3-1, good way 2 hype up the home team Hov. Now let's hope The Yanks take game 3.
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Thursday, October 29

I Know I'm Late But Fuck It OJ Da Jucieman Get Booed @ BB Kings In The NYC

Ummmm... Make The Trap Say Aye?? Fuck that shit that's why he got booed, that shit is wack ppl is not gonna like everything. That's life, what?? I have 2 like his music 2 avoid bein' a hater?? Fuck that!! You can repect his hustle but not like his music. Besides Raekwon was set 2 perform after OJ so he was bound 2 take an L.
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Tuesday, October 27

Joe Budden TV Back On

Joe Budden Ft. Nicki Minaj & Wale. If you saw The Hip Hop Awards Nicki & Joe killed it on the pt. 1 chyper, I missed Wale's session on the pt.2 chyper & I gotta mention Eminem killing it on pt.3's chyper. I'm sure the video is coming 2morrow so 4 now....
Check out the clip...

Takers Movie Trailer Ft. Chris Brown & T.I.

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T-Boz Of TLC Appears On The Mo'Nique Show

T-Boz tells Mo'Nique about the time TLC ran went up in Arista Records wit guns demanding their money. Wow I heard Ice Cube did the same

(Old Clip) Eddie Griffin Crashes Ferrari Enzo

"Brotha can't drive" - Eddie Griffin
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Monday, October 26

Lil' Wayne Performs In Paris & Birdman Shops There

The video is mostly about Birdman shopping spending 60g's...whatever skip 2 the 6:57 mark & watch all the way to the 12:10 mark. Lil' Wayne performs, this is where hard work comes from. A musician performs in front of sell out crowds & it doesn't get any better than this. Never let anyone discourage u in any way, some ppl in your life want the best for you but they can't make that decision you gotta make whats best for you. In the end wheather they hate you or not they gonna have 2 respect you if you accomplished you dreams & goals. Respect goes a long way even if it's over due but can I say the same thing about love & hate??
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Applebum & Stussy “WT Tee Kid” T-shirt

The Hip-Hop-inspired Japanese label Applebum brings their iconic caricature design to a new platform alongside Stussy. The WT Tee Kid design will come in three different styles but with different points of retail. The shirts will be released at Applebum retailers (left shirt) and Stussy Chapter Stores (middle shirt) with an exclusive Harajuku version (right shirt) set for drop as well starting November 7th, 2009. Via: Hype Beast

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Nike Sportswear Paris

After Tokyo and New York, Nike Sportswear has opened a new lifestyle store in the Marais area in Paris. Located in a former bookstore, much of the original details of the three-storey building’s fa├žade and interior have been retained. The interior has however been somewhat enhanced with graphics by French illustrators Antoine & Manuel who created designs for not only for murals, but also wallpaper and the store’s carpet. As per all Nike Sportswear stores, the outlet carries Tier Zero apparel and footwear. The store also features an ID studio, allowing customers to designer their own Sneaker colourways of Nike models. Via: Hype BeastLeave a comment...

Sunday, October 25

Alife Apparel & Footwear Warehouse Sale (NYC)

Most of you guys in NYC already know about this seasons Alife Cash Only Warehouse Sale but if you still haven’t, the sale started Friday. The sale is at 359 Layfayette Street (old Nort/Recon space), with 50%-80% off tag on a great assortment of tees, apparel, footwear and accessories from up to six seasons past. Check out a preview below and make sure to stop by.

ALIFE Cash Only Warehouse Sale

359 Lafayette Street | Map

New York, NY 10013

Sale Dates:
October 23rd (Friday) - November 1st (Sunday)

I need to take my ass up in that store cause they got what I need, shit they should pay me 4 this promotion but it's ok I'm covered...haha. Via: Freshness Mag

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Jay-Z Rocks A Nice Black Tee From Dope Couture & It Reads "Smoke Me I’m Dope"

I like that shirt & I know some ppl don't get the message but who gives a fuck, I'll tell em' 2 lighten up. Jay rocks this shirt during his performance wit Pharrell "So Ambitious". Via: Freshness Mag & Dope Couture
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Air Jordan Spiz’ike Mars Blackmon Edition

Awww man those are hot, Imma Jordan fan & his sneakers a hard 2 get but I manage 2 get em' some how. If my mouth is not waterin' over women & money then its sneakers...haha.

Collaboration between renown film director, Spike Lee, and Jordan has recently spread beyond the Jordan IV and the Spiz’ike to the “School Daze” pack that dropped recently. This specific model pays homage to Spike specifically with the old school toe locks that say “Mike” and “Spike.” The style of lettering may also refer to the “Love” and “Hate” name rings that Radio Raheem wore in “Do the Right Thing.” Other nods to Spike include the multi-colored lining with Mars Blackmon’s Nike-Ad quote “Do You Know Do You Know” printed across in a repeated patten. Featuring some obvious Jordan staples, like the heel elephant print in gray and the Fire Red on the eyelets and sole, this model keeps it simple while giving the well-deserved respect to Spike and his contributions to the Jordan Brand over the years with his icon on the footbed with the phrase “Fresh Since 1985.” The official release date is January 2010, but marqueesole has yet another early release available now.
Via: Freshness Mag

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Saturday, October 24

Man That Burger Is Gonna Be The Death Of You, Put The Burger Down...

See how he bites into that burger?? Lettuce fallin' out, the bread rippin' apart & some other guy has 2 hold the burger for him so he can take a bite. Funny it took him 5 tries 2 take 1
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Visvim 2009 Fall/Winter Alta Jacket

I like this jacket, I can throw this over a button up & a tie & go to these wack ass job interviews. I workin' hard to one day employ myself cause employers take advantage of me too much anyways. Yeah this jacket go hard & the belt across it is the stamp. The coated Alta Jacket is complimented by a matching set of bottoms and jackets with the Fluxus-Hickory collection. Via: Hype Beast
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Friday, October 23

My Mouth Is Watering Rite Now :p Paula Patton Graces Giant Magazine

Giant Magazine dubbed her as “The Next Halle Berry”. Hmm... I guess u can say that & I believe she looks better than Halle any day but we'll see how far she goes in her career. Robin Thicke (a.k.a The Whisper King) you lucky mutha fucka, damn what a great catch! I'm gonna have 2 be the wide reciever & get me a great Paula & Robin Thicke are expecting their first child, nice. Here are some pics.

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Microsoft & Burger King Teams Up To Create "The Windows 7 Whopper"

A.K.A. "The Heart Attack". They must be crazy 7 patties on a bun, u gots to be jokin' Bill Gates I respect your hustle but I'm sure some ppl are gonna buy this & you know who I'm talikin' 'bout. Wooo... I'm gonna hold back & keep my jokes 2 my self cause I already got 7 of them 2 match Windows
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Affion Crockett Plays Russell Simmons In A Hip Hop Honors Spoof

Affion can do a Russell Simmons impression wit no problem but what he did was funny. Stretchin' all in his seat, puttin' his legs into a cause Russell Simmons was really strechin' in his seat but u know Affion had 2 take it there. Dude played Rick Rubin & kept sayin' "I get chills just 2 here him say that" but it was kinda homo when he that @ the end of the clip but it's funny.

Jay-Z & Pharrell Performs “So Ambitious”

Jay Z ft Pharrell - So Ambitious (Live Part 1) from DjRefleX403 on Vimeo.

Jay Z ft Pharrell - So Ambitious (Live Part 2) from DjRefleX403 on Vimeo.

That's a nice jacket Pharrell got but it's too whatever. I luv that song, that song & "Can't Tell Me Nothing" are 2 story of my life themes. One of these days I gotta se a Jay-Z concert but I'm happy enuff 2 see Jay @ KanYe's Glow In The Dark concert. I was stunned I saw Hov even tho I had a feelin' he was comin'
Check out the video...

Thursday, October 22

Some PPL Know Exactly What 2 Say 2 Make Me Feel Like Shit...

After yesterday I now go by this quote. "There's a thin line between positive inspiration & negative inspiration". I'll explain: No matter how you look @ it, it's inspiration. That's why there's a thin line between them, they're both parallel. Positive Inspiration is a beautiful feeling, when your feeling down someone up lifts you, give you words of wisdom & finds a way 2 help you move forward. Negative Inspiration is a feeling that only bothers me only someone who's important in my life brings me down, anyone else can kiss my ass cause I'll shit on you regardless. They kick me while I'm down, they never like my ideas, views & opinions, they tell me how I should live my life when they can't live there's & they push me backward.

Chris Brown said something I agree wit. (Check out the Chris Brown interview on Hot97) "If you take the time out in your day to focusing on hating me or focusing anyone who's not directly in your situation, you're doing the same thing as loving". You know "Hate is the new love". You take the time to love & show me that you care enuff about me & then there's ppl who take the time to show how much you dislike me & how much I make u sick.

I had 2 pour out my thoughs for the moment because someone struck a nerve in me. I wanna thank my peoples for holding me down after that because I was about to knock this person out & it will be wrong in my part. Thank you...
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KanYe West & Bill Plympton Presents: “Through The Wire” – The Words & Lyrics of KanYe West

Through the Wire is a graphic memoir that illustrates the lyrics of twelve KanYe West songs to tell his story, from his decision to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music, through his days spent folding chinos at the Gap while struggling at night to make a name as a producer, through the pivotal car accident that eventually set him on the course to stardom and the epiphany of realizing exactly who he had become.

Academy Award-nominated animator, cartoonist, and illustrator, Bill Plympton illustrates each of the songs in detail, his vision of KanYe’s world. The songs are annotated with explanations of the references in the songs, biographical components that illuminate the lyrics, and their meaning on a deeply personal level.

The result is a one-of-a-kind book that initially grabs you and stays with you forever. “Through The Wire” will see a release on November 9th, 2009 at select booksellers, although Amazon is now taking pre-orders.

Via: Hype beast

Mosley Tribes Resort 2010 Spring Collection

Oooo Those black shades in the pic above is nice. Goodness where can I buy those??

Having partnered with various streetwear entities earlier this year, we move forward and preview some of Mosley Tribes’ 2010 spring Resort collection. The eye wear models include the Patterson, Chambers, Hillyard and Becker, which could be best described as modern updates to classical shapes and styles. Each style is further broken down into a handful of different color configurations
Via: Hype Beast

Wednesday, October 21

A Funny Clip From The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Show Sundays @ 8:30PM
Check out the clip...

Tuesday, October 20

Looks like Rihanna Is Playing Russian Roulette

Just in case you haven't heard the new song yet here it is. Rihanna - Russian Roulette.

Monday, October 19

Sunday, October 18

KanYe West's Mini Movie, “We Were Once A Fairytale”

Interestin'... @ least I know he's a worst drunk than me :)
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The Cleveland Show

Wow a black show on Fox, now I wonder if the big networks will give us a late nite talk Cleveland & Family Guy occupies my Sundays, that & Football.
The Cleveland Show Sun @ 8:30pm & Family Guy @ 9pm
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Saturday, October 17

Party Time!!

I'm goin' out 2 chillin' wit my homies & some ladies. In the heat of the moment everybody gets excited like me wit the HQ above & will end up like me on the bottom if yo have too much.
So don't drink & drive folks & if your not driving don't hang around me unless your a woman wit needs.
Later folks. :)

Loopwheeler Steiff Teddy Bear

Hmmmm... I should pay a visit 2 Build A Bear & make Kayo Black Bears 4 the ladies or just reserve one 4 a special lady. Throw a hoodie, a white or black tee, jeans & sneakers. Whatever it's just a The world needs 2 see Kayo Black & I'll some how reach yall one by one dammit!! Kayo Black T.V. comin' soon. The bear will release sometime in mid-January. Via: Hype Beast
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Friday, October 16

Wednesday, October 14

Former President Of Def Jam Lyor Cohen Reflects On His Days @ The Company

Hip Hop Honors |Celebrity News |Def Jam |Hip Hop

@ 1st I though this guy was not gonna make any sense but he made a great point about other record labels. Lyor, Kevin Liles & others worked hard to push their artist & saw the success of DMX, Jay-Z, Ja-Rule, Foxy Brown, Ludacris & a host of others. They promoted their artist, they market their artist & they developed their artist. That's something record labels can't even do today...smh. Def Jam is still a powerhouse till this day, good luck on your next 25 years.
Check out the clip...

In Ed Lover's Voice: Come On Son...SMH

Looks like another bad season. The Giants are hot & The Yankees are hot. Knicks step ya game up!!

Sunday, October 11

Nicki Minaj @ The BET Hip Hop Awards

Damn where did that ass come from?? Anyway The BET Hiphop awards was yesterday & will air next week. I feel like Drake won a lot of awards lastnite & T.I. but that's my opinion, Lil' Wayne & KanYe can't win all the time.

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