Monday, October 26

Lil' Wayne Performs In Paris & Birdman Shops There

The video is mostly about Birdman shopping spending 60g's...whatever skip 2 the 6:57 mark & watch all the way to the 12:10 mark. Lil' Wayne performs, this is where hard work comes from. A musician performs in front of sell out crowds & it doesn't get any better than this. Never let anyone discourage u in any way, some ppl in your life want the best for you but they can't make that decision you gotta make whats best for you. In the end wheather they hate you or not they gonna have 2 respect you if you accomplished you dreams & goals. Respect goes a long way even if it's over due but can I say the same thing about love & hate??
Watch the clip...


Anonymous said...

I would watch it, but I'm at work:( I'll watch it when I get home. So I have no idea what you're talking about on this post, lol.
Yeah, I light that phrase. Gucci mane is super lame though. & One day I will be on 5th avenue.

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