Sunday, May 24

I Got A Randon Topic About Magic Johnson. Lets Read Shall We?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, I remember my moms tellin' me Magic had HIV & I was too young 2 understand. My first thought of HIV was Magic in the hospital bed wit tubes up his nose awaitin' his death, I was like 6 years old then. Then in 1996 he returns to the NBA 2 play 32 games includin' da playoffs. I'm thinkin' he don't have HIV playin' ball like dat & it turns out he beat it by takin' some very expensive medicane us regular people can't afford so da rest of us will die if we get HIV or AIDS.

The reason why Magic has been on my mind because of one funny reason my, my PC also has a virus but a computer virus its keep me off da internet a bit. My PC is slow, so slow it won't shut down properly. My moms say I got a virus. I'm scannin' my ass off tryin' 2 findin' the problem & where da problem is. I mention this a lil' bit in my last post but I'm hopin' my PC pull thru this so I can handle my business online. If my PC pull thru this I'm officially callin' my PC "MJ" or just "Magic" cause my moms had this problem & her PC crashed over this problem. I ain't goin' out like dat.

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Saturday, May 23

My Computer is a Ho, I Believe It Has A Virus...LOL

I dunno know what's gonna happen da next week wit my computer but I know my blog posts are gonna be slow. I'll try 2 be on my blog, da middle finger club movement & my Twitter as much as possible. Remember if you wanna become a member of the MFC movement, hit me up on twitter, or leave a comment. Its easy just snap a pic of yourself wit your middle finger up & your in! Send me the pic @ & I'll post the pic on its easy! You can post wit your middle finger whatever way u like :) Here's 2 of my favorites club members....

My home girl Emma Licious

My homegirl CatsHoodRich

If I'm gone too long just know I'll be back!
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Thursday, May 21

Happy Birthday To The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie Smalls in my opinion is the most talented M.C. of all time & second on a all time level behind Jay-Z. (Again my opinion!) If he was alive he would be 36 yrs today. So in memory of B.I.G. I've posted Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s video "Get Money" featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Lil' Kim.
P.S. The scene when Kim said "You wanna be my main squeeze baby!" look @ da dude she was wit, doesn't he looks like Jayson Bronson. My bad my dude don't mean 2 put u on blast but he looks like

Check out da clip...

Wednesday, May 20

Wow...Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here??

Urban Model Rosa Acosta has an new excercise called Erotic Stretchin'. Lemme join dat class so I can get a good

Check out da clip...

Even Tho This Is A Serious Movie, "Lean On Me" Is The Most Unintentional Comedy Of All Time!

Principal Joe Clark is gangsta, he got all dem teachers, janitors & even security all scared of He's tryin' 2 turn a run down school full of students who don't give a fuck into believers who can achieve success in life.

Check out da clip...

Tuesday, May 19

SNL Does "Inside The NBA"!

My boy Keenan Thompson & some white dude (dunno his name) play Ernie Johnson & Charles Barkley for SNL's version of "Inside The NBA". They don't have any other black guys on SNL to play Kenny Smith & Chris Webber or maybe Magic Johnson...smh (That world be funny!).

Check out da clip...

Monday, May 18

Sunday, May 17

Album Of The Year So Far!!

If you haven't heard Relapse u should dat shit is hot. I heard the record last Wednesday & I was blown away! Dr. Dre killed it wit the production so you know what that means. The Detox will be hot. That's if he puts it out...smh.

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Swizzy & A-Keys...Wow This Means I Can Pull Rihanna! Fuck U If U Hatin'...LOL

"Wake up in the morning & my baby cooked me breakfast, A's naked wearing nothin' on but a necklace ..."

"Yeah, she say she wanna treat me like a king, I get big gifts so the money ain't a damn thing"

"She gave me a party at the Guggenheim ... What's next? The ring? The baby? She really loves me!"

-Swizz Beatz verse on Drake's - Best I Ever Had (Remix)

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I Dare Somebody To Wear This In Newark, New Jersey...LOL

14k white gold diamonds on an iphone headphone. Mmmm... they look so good, they are good enough to kill somebody 4 jk. They cost $3,500 so none of us can afford it not even Vanilla

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Saturday, May 16

The Nike Xbox 360 Controller Shoe & It Cost $2,500 WTF??

These are nice but not nice enuff 2 be $2,, it's cool tho. Hey they even glow in da dark!

Wow-zers! I know they on Ebay & dem gamers are gonna have a biddin' war over these sneakers...smh. Good luck guys, hope yall have money left 2 keep your home from, dat was cold right? So What!

Thursday, May 14

Electric Powered SUV From China

If they make another "Back To The Future" movie, this can should be in the movie.
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Wednesday, May 13

Notorious B.I.G. - Can I Get Wit Ya ( Produced by Me!)

Can I Get Wit Ya - Notorious B.I.G. (Produced By Kayo Black)

It's only gonna play 30 seconds of the song...smh. Click on the link 2 hear the full song & tell me what u think....
Just turn off the music player on the

I like Dis, But It's Gettin' A Lil' 2 Hot Da Down Jacket...

Double Goose & Manuel Angot A.K.A Art Force One got 2gether to make a box set wit a pair of Air Force Ones & a nice down vest. Well both of these items must cost a lot of money but if u earned it why not spend it naw mean!
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Tuesday, May 12

Japanese People Are Funny As Hell!

No need 2 explain just watch da clip...

Kobe & Lebron Da MVPs...

Lebron is hyped about his playoff chances & Kobe is use to it, I mean he already has 3
Watch da clip....

P.S. Lebron stole that chalk routine from Kevin Garnett! If I was Kev I would sue I'm jokin'!

Soulja Boy is High...LMAO!

Check out da clip....

Air Jordans In Laney High School Colors

Imma huge Air Jordan fan, I would cop those if I could find those...smh. Just in case you don't know, Laney High School is Mike's Highschool & they place his school colors on these sneakers...Nice! Some guys dunno know how 2 wear Jordans dressin' down, lemme show em' this summer.
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Sunday, May 10

Axe Out Does Tag & Old Spice All The Time!

I put on Axe body all the time so I can replace da Axe bottle & chill wit dis
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Saturday, May 9

Turn My Swag On!

When I'm goin' out clubbin' or to a party or whatever, I guess I steal my dad's old school routine from the 80's into the early 90's. Before he goes out, he puts his stereo in the bathroom plays some songs to help him turn up his swag. The songs he plays the most & are my favorites is Keith Sweat - Keep It Comin' & Ralph Tresavant - Sensitivity. My dad lost dat bathroom swag so I've scooped it up & that's the only thing I'm takin' from him cause my swag is way different than his. He was dat nigga back then drinkin' Budwiser, watchin' Married Wit Children or screamin' @ da Knicks 4 losin'

Peep da music on da side my bathroom swagger music (groomin' music) Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity

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I Wanna Bring The Pump Shoe Back!

That's so old school, I'm thinkin' would start a movement if I wear, I wanna see The Patrick Ewing sneakers one time. I'm thinkin' they should bring em' back too.
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Via: kicksonfire

Reebok Pump Omni Lite

I haven't worn a Reebok shoe since the 7th grade, (Wow long ass time ago) but if I can find these I will be one of the few 2 rock these.
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Via: kicksonfire

Thursday, May 7

Who Woulda Though Pumas Got Nice Ones...

Yeah don't be jockin' my I couldn't find da site 4 these kicks but they on my feet so I snapped a pic while I was shootin' pool wit da homies... These are the "Black Hoopers" (bad name 4 some sneakers but oh well.) I bought these late January & 2day I decided to wear em' & pick a bad day 2 cause it ended up rainin', I took care of these bad boys tho.
P.S. They so brand new they shinin' on some "Last Dragon"
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Wednesday, May 6

A Twitter Topic KFC & Popeyes...

Fresh outta Twitter, Lemme tell u what happend. I was lookin' @ the trending topics section on twitter @ KFC was @ the top of the list. So I'm thinkin' people talkin' 'bout that grilled chicken that just came out wich I think it's overrated. (I had some last I was told that Oprah gave out free KFC coupons on her website & da twitters are & they got me started. I said & I quote "I wouldn't eat @ KFC thanks 2 the big "O" or Popeyes wit moms on da commercials I think that raciest... smh." Sorry that's how I feel. Moms sellin' Popeyes chicken like dat chill out wit dat. Twitter is gonna be the death of
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Joe Budden T.V. They Playin' Monopoly (Damn Irv Calm Ya Ass Down!)

Irv Gotti went in on some clown about whatever he did wrong. Terrence J. was there (106 & Park host, where's sexy ass Rocsi...smh), Angie Martinez ( I luv me some Ang, I wanna catch her show more often...smh) He said "Angie pees standin' up & dat clown pees sittin' down!"... What a low blow Irv... *pause* ( 4 all yall no homo mutha fuckas)
Check out da clip...

Monday, May 4

Yo We Unstoppable!! My Home Girl Emma Is Down Wit Da MFC!

My Home Girl Emma Licious finally joined the MFC (Middle Finger Club) Movement. Damn we can't be stopped! Follow her on twitter click for emma_licious & check out her blog @ & you can join too, don't be shy just multiply wit us... @

Sunday, May 3

Join The M.F.C. (Middle Finger Club) Movement! CatsHoodRich Joined You Can Too!

Meet our newest member of the Middle Finger Club CatsHoodRich! Follow her on twitter Click for CatsHoodRich
Join the movement @
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Saturday, May 2

Time 2 Throw My 2 Cents In: Nas & Kelis

Damn my boy Nick wasn't lyin' after all, Kelis filed for Divorce against Nas. Who knows the situation it just came outta nowhere & they gotta kid on da way. (Last thing I would do is tattoo my girl on my arm...smh) Sorry ladies I'm afraid of marriage cause marriage seem so borin' & it may fuck your life up. 1st it's all about you, (That's where I'm at now.) you & your homies partyin' & bullshitin'. Then your sufficient other comes along now it's always the both of you. Then yall get married have kids, now you & your sufficient other can't really do much wit da kids around so they gotta come along wit u both & annoy the hell outta u. Sex will be @ a minimum & all ya got left is to argue. I wonder how da my parents do it, I mean how they still goin' strong almost 29 years, props. Actually I think I'm more afraid of divorce than marriage, she ain't takin' half of my hard earned money. Hell 2 da nizzo! ( I made that

Wow here's the divorce papers....

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Friday, May 1

Twitter, Beat Makin', & Double Bloggin'. How Can I Make The Time??

Ok I gotta new job I work @ 1pm-9pm & I'm not feelin' the hours. I rather work @ 10am-6pm but it's not my call. Wakin' up ain't da problem, it's when I clock out & it's @ 9 o'clock . I get home 20 minutes before 11pm, I try 2 catch up wit da internet news & my twitter fam the best way I can. I won't be able 2 make beats 4 da nite but the bright side of it, I make good money & if I save up I can buy a mic. I haven't been on the mic since late 2007. Freestyled over Alicia Keys - No One ( I'll be back but those who don't know me stay tunned....

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