Sunday, May 24

I Got A Randon Topic About Magic Johnson. Lets Read Shall We?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, I remember my moms tellin' me Magic had HIV & I was too young 2 understand. My first thought of HIV was Magic in the hospital bed wit tubes up his nose awaitin' his death, I was like 6 years old then. Then in 1996 he returns to the NBA 2 play 32 games includin' da playoffs. I'm thinkin' he don't have HIV playin' ball like dat & it turns out he beat it by takin' some very expensive medicane us regular people can't afford so da rest of us will die if we get HIV or AIDS.

The reason why Magic has been on my mind because of one funny reason my, my PC also has a virus but a computer virus its keep me off da internet a bit. My PC is slow, so slow it won't shut down properly. My moms say I got a virus. I'm scannin' my ass off tryin' 2 findin' the problem & where da problem is. I mention this a lil' bit in my last post but I'm hopin' my PC pull thru this so I can handle my business online. If my PC pull thru this I'm officially callin' my PC "MJ" or just "Magic" cause my moms had this problem & her PC crashed over this problem. I ain't goin' out like dat.

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