Monday, August 31

Street Struck: The Big L Documentary

A lot of ppl don't know Big L, well a lot of ppl didn't know him when he was alive includin' me. Big L is a great lyricist, he was one of the 1st MC to drop punchlines more than once in a verse. His 1st and only album when he was alive "Lifestyles of da poor & dangerous" is an underground classic. His passed away Febuary 1999, he will be truly missed.
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Joe Budden & Tahiry Over??

Tahiry is buggin' & said it's over, now is this recent of old??

Joe Budden looks depressed & listenin' 2 records about Tahiry. Damn it looks pretty bad.
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New Jay-Z

Jay got 3 new joints leakin' out. I really like "Haters" KanYe did his thing on the beat, Hov did did his thing & I'll leave it @ that. I like "A Star Is Born" Jay mention all the stars who came up & J. Cole is nice. Now "Young Forever" I didn't like Hov on that beat, I feel like it wasn't 4 him. Mr. Hudson did his thing & I luv the beat. KanYne can rock dat beat.
Check out the leaked records...

Jay-Z Ft. KanYe West - Haters

Jay-Z Ft. J. Cole - A Star Is Born

Jay-Z Ft. Mr. Hudson - Young Forever

Saturday, August 29

Jay-Z Reflects On Makin' Past Albums & Goin' To High School Wit Biggie & Busta Rhymes

MySpace Today meets Jay Z Part 1

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Michael Jordan Speaks On His Nike Deal & Wanted To Sign Wit Adidas

Damn what if Michael Jordan signed wit Adidas would that be a success or flop like Kobe's sneakers?? Hmmm... what about Nike, we all know Nike would not be at the height of success they are now but who would make a difference for Nike??
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Happy Birthday Michael

I won't go too crazy wit this Michael Jackson madness cause I'm tired, everybody is talkin' about him & it's not all positive. I'll just bump some songs for the great one...


Damn just when he got out of that plane crash just less than a year ago this happens. Another sad day in music...

Wednesday, August 26

Only In New York??

Hmmm...Yesterday I was in New York wit my homies & a white chick wit an accent asked us if we knew were KFC was. I laughed @ my homies cause she didn't want Popeyes, my homies was tryin' 2 walk away from her because of that. She was kinda sexy so I was tryin' 2 work my magic but then she said well don't you guys eat chicken?? We got quiet, now I was offended & confused cause I wasn't sure if she was speakin' as a general statement or black ppl are suppose 2 eat chicken. So my partner said Oh is it because we black?? She got scared & said that's not what I mean then ran off. Now was she racist or we're buggin'??

Jay-Z On The Cover Of XXL & His New Leaked Track Venus & Mars

Is Jay-Z bigger than Hip Hop?? Good question, makes me wanna cop that issue 2 see what it's all about. Jay-Z has 10 #1 albums & will surpass Elivis wit Blueprint 3 makin' that 11, sorry Elvis #3 isn't so bad. (The Beatles have 19 albums @ #1)

I must say I'm feelin' Venus & Mars, it's a track anyone can relate 2 cause on the track Hov is balancin' out the differences & similarities they have. This song is produced by Timbaland. It's creative & better than "Off That" & "Reminder" if you ask me. I'm eager to hear more.
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Tuesday, August 25

R.I.P. Aaliyah

I don't wanna get into my feelin's about the day she died, all I should do & anyone 4 that matter is 2 just celebrate her life by bumpin' her music if you can. Aaliyah had a lot of bangers from Timbaland & even R.Kelly from her early days. I posted up one of Aaliyah's biggest hits "Are You That Somebody". Classic video from the dance moves 2 that dress she had on, yep she shock us all wit that.

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Monday, August 24

Jay-Z - Reminder (Oh Did Jay Throw Shots @ Joe Budden??)

Jay got 2 tracks leaked in 2 days "Reminder" & "Off That" featuring Drake. Jay got @ Joe Budden sayin' "tell them ordinary joe's budden up" & Joe Budden has been talkin' alotta shit so I guess he got what's comin' 2 him. They're both good records but I'm lookin' for that big record that catches my attention like "Public Service Announcement", "Jigga What", "Dig A Hole" & my favorite "Takeover". "D.O.A." was that record but I can't help it I want another one cause Jay sets the bar so high you gotta expect a lot from him all the time. "Run This Town" is a nice one, luv KanYe's verse on it. September 11 isn't far away so expect more tracks 2 leak out.
Check out the new leaked tracks from The Blueprint 3...

Jay-Z Ft. Drake - Off That

Jay-Z - Reminder

Asher Roth Ft. Keri Hilson - She Don't Want A Man

Finally Asher Roth put out the video, I luv this joint I was rockin' wit this all summer long. Let's be realistic Keri Hilson wouldn't be rollin' wit dat fat, they look like they just met anyway.
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Saturday, August 22

The J To Z Of Jay-Z

MTV takes a look @ Jay-Z's career from his start in the music industry 2 him now a huge Hip Hop Mogul. Oh yeah & lol @ KanYe West, they included KanYe since he was a huge part of the succes of Jay's last 2 Blueprints. KanYe was spittin' the Izzo hook infront of his moms (R.I.P.).
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Friday, August 21

Eminem's Relapse 2 In Stores November 17??

Amazon UK states Em's Relapse 2 is up 4 an November 16th (UK) release & November 17th (US). Album release dates always change as specially in this time & era but hey if it's comin' this soon then I'm happy.
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Wednesday, August 19

Eminem In The Early Years

Interestin' Eminem in the early 90's, if you ask me he kinda looks like MC Serch.
Check out 3 of Eminem's unreleased tracks...


Charlamagne Tha God & Lil' Duval Hood State Of The Union 3 "The Light Skin Awards"

@ 1st I wasn't even gonna post this but this shit is kinda funny. 2 dudes who's career ain't goin' anywhere even if they were lightskin themselves crackin' jokes on lightskins. I was entertained by the
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R. Kelly Ft. Keri Hilson - Number One

R.Kelly is back wit Keri Hilson helpin' him out wit this one. The song is cool I have it in my PSP so it's alright wit me.
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Tuesday, August 18

Kings Of Leon

This year I've been lookin' forward 2 other genres of music other than Hip Hop & R&B. I always like other music but I didn't express dat 2 my peers. My parents told me one day I'm gonna out grow Hip Hop & one of my cousins though I was too Hip Hop 2 even listen 2 R&B Soul. Yep I was offended but then I'm surrounded by ppl who only listen 2 Hip Hop & R&B so it's not cool 2 listen 2 Rock, Pop & others. Last summer I was samplin' rock songs & realized I'm not bein' real 2 myself, I like music & I should listen to what I want. Fuck what da next guy says I'm missin' on good music. I'm behind on albums now but I wanna add a rock album in my CD rack & Kings Of Leon will fill dat spot.
Check out 2 of my fravorites Kings Of Leon joints "Sex On Fire" & "Someone Like You" @

Nick Cannon Steps Up & Disses Eminem In Mariah's Defense

Da track was wack & most of all his flow was horrible. He said somthin' that will trigger Eminem's mind & make him respond, Nick mentions Proof. Not a good move homie.
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MTV's Hottest MCs In The Game Debate Will Be Pushed Back To October

Damn & I was amped 2 see what goes down so I have 2 wait till October?? Oh well I'm sure it's worth da wait...

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Monday, August 17

Michael Vick On 60 Minutes

Watch CBS Videos Online
Mike Vick speaks on da whole dog fightin' activity he was apart of. Yep "When The Money Goes" like Fab & Jay-Z said. Vick was da highest paid player in the league & cause of da dog fightin' he declared bankrupt. He did his 2 years in prison while Chris Brown get community service for beatin' Rihanna's ass. Both men are changed men but I definitly believe Mike a whole lot more because he really paid 4 it.
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Fabolous Ft. Jay-Z - When The Money Goes (Remix)

I luv dis video & da message cause there nuttin' worst than losin' everything u worked for & your woman don't wanna be by your side, I think about dat all da time. It's a true fact nobody likes a loser but when you win everybody wants 2 be your friend. It's a cold world out there & your gonna need your coat. Hope yall heard da orginal verson Jay-Z did, this song was left off American Gangster.
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Sunday, August 16

Affion Crocket - Best I Ever Had (Comedy Spoof)

Affion Crocket does a Drake comedy spoof. Baby gotta dodo, Oh shit. U a fuckin' mess like he said.
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Jesikah Maximus In A Shower Photo Shoot

Haven't seen Jesikah Maximus in a hot minute. Summer Walker appeared in da clip I guess gettin' ready 4 her shoot, they should've shown Summer durnin' her photo shoot tho. Oh well enjoy...
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Thursday, August 13

Common & Christopher Mintz-Plasse In “Training Day”

<a href="" target="_new" title="Common and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Cinemash "Training Day"">Video: Common and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Cinemash "Training Day"</a>

Hey its Mc Lovin' himself playin' da cop, Denzel's Oscar winnin' role in the movie Training Day. I thought Common was gonna play dat role but it's hard 2 picture Common punkin'
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Wednesday, August 12

More Joe Budden

Ok dis gonna be da last of Joe Budden I post on here unless its about him & Tahiry cause Joe is makin' headlines as it is.
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Tuesday, August 11

Joe Budden Wants Jay-Z & Eminem To Top 2009 Hottest MCs List
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Damn WTF Happen 2 U...

Sara Stokes got arrested last week 4 stabbing "Tony" her husband 3 times & da kids saw dat shit...smh

The police have reported that she and her husband Tony were arguing and she slipped and fell and began stabbing her husband. This bloody mug shot was taken after Stokes was arrested for domestic violence August 2 at their home in Moreno Valley, CA. According to law enforcement sources, Sara stormed out of the house after arguing with husband Tony — she tripped, fell down and accused him of doing it. Paramedics and cops came and Stokes was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. The D.A. is deciding whether to charge her. Sara’s lawyer, Eric Kayira, tells us, “Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”

MC Hammer - Have You Seen Her (Funny Ass Oldschool Video)

Funny shit rite here, just da adlib's have me crackin' up. Gosh homie is This is back when Hammer was on top sellin 10 million & I admit I was a fan of his because of "U Can't Touch This". Most Ppl hated Hammer cause he sold 10 million 2 dem he solded out but if Big Daddy Kane did da same wit dat "Get The Job Done" record would dey hate on him?? Now every rapper is tryin' 2 sell on da pop charts...smh.
Whatever check out da video...

Monday, August 10

Hottest MCs in the Game

It airs August 17 on MTV. Da MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust debate about which rapper belongs in da top ten. Last years show was wack 2 me because I think MTV got scared of rappers who either wasn't on a good spot or wasn't on da list 2 years ago, decided 2 put em' where dey do not belong. I luv Snoop but he was too high on dat list last year. We'll see what happens next week...
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Sunday, August 9

Joe Budden & Tahiry Talks About 5 Year Pass

Dey was talkin' about when dey broke up & how long dey waited 2 have sex wit other people. Tahiry said she waited 3 months & Joe waited a
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Big Pun: The Legacy

Friends of Big Pun talks about Pun's weight problem. I can't believe he was diesel, u know liftin' weights & shit before he got fat...
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Saturday, August 8

Joe Budden Punched In Da Eye By Raekwon

Well it's da aftermath of it
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Friday, August 7


Stephon Marbury is gay dancin' 2 "Imma Barbie Girl"...WTF?? He needs help, yo if I was Sebastian Telfar (Stephon's cousin) I would be like Stephon who?? My last name is Telfar I dunno him...
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Thursday, August 6

Canibus, Big Pun, DMX, Mos Def, Mic Geronimo & John Forte All In A Big Cypher

Big Pun & DMX was my favorites & Canibus before he lost 2 LL...smh. Pun killed everybody just as I expected but John Forte & DMXwent off 2. Canibus was spittin' dat diss record he had comin' @ LL Cool J. Canibus came @ LL & said 99% of your fans wear high heels (True). LL reply back sayin' 99% of your fan don't exist...Damn! (They didn't after dat
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Wednesday, August 5

Keri Hilson Complex Magazine Photo Shoot

Keri Hilson wit da honey coated skin mmm... I'm gonna cop dat issue when it comes out real talk.
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The Blueprint 3 Album Cover

Hmmm.... I like it, it's interestin'. Plus its better then da Blueprint 2
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Tuesday, August 4

Happy Birthday President Obama!!

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Keri Hilson Graces The Cover Of Complex Magazine

She looks so yummy mmmm.....
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The Wu-Tang Clan Demo Tape (1992)

Wu-Tang is a legendary rap group, 9 guys & all of em' can rap. Da 1st time I've heard of Wu was when C.R.E.A.M. came out & 2 me da West Coast had Dr. Dre - Nuttin' But A G Thang, I felt da East had this record. They also had great solo careers like Method Man, Raekwon, ODB & Ghostface Killah 2 name a few. RZA's production was crazy 2 me, it was dark, soulful & grimey. If you luv Enter The 36 Chambers album then I'm sure you'll luv da demo tape.

Check it out...
The Wu-Tang Clan Demo Tape (1992)

Black People We Are Horrible...LMAO

Sup? I'm back off my week & a half hiatus, my Internet was I came across dis video Lightskins vs Darkskins & I was LMAO @ da whole thing cause they dissin' each other & its never gonna die I guess... smh. Man I've been critizied 4 bein' lightskin since I was in kindergarten & it sucks, but I got luv 4 my darksins like my lightskin ppls because we all black dammit!! I ain't gonna get deep about it because I already did in my April blog post about Keri Hilson when I mentioned she said she only like darkskin dudes. Nuttin bad it's just stupid 2 me.
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Bye Plaxico Nice Knowin' Ya...Haha!!

A Manhattan grand jury has indicted ex-New York Giant Plaxico Burress on weapons charges. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau today announced that Burress will face trial on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and one count of reckless endangerment after he accidentally shoot himself with an pistol last year. The grand jury did not indict his former teammate, Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce.

Yep Plaxico u fucked up homie & da Giants had da best record in da leauge & u just had 2 shoot yourself...smh. Oh & u though u can take down Antonio Pierce wit u huh?? Nope!