Monday, August 24

Jay-Z - Reminder (Oh Did Jay Throw Shots @ Joe Budden??)

Jay got 2 tracks leaked in 2 days "Reminder" & "Off That" featuring Drake. Jay got @ Joe Budden sayin' "tell them ordinary joe's budden up" & Joe Budden has been talkin' alotta shit so I guess he got what's comin' 2 him. They're both good records but I'm lookin' for that big record that catches my attention like "Public Service Announcement", "Jigga What", "Dig A Hole" & my favorite "Takeover". "D.O.A." was that record but I can't help it I want another one cause Jay sets the bar so high you gotta expect a lot from him all the time. "Run This Town" is a nice one, luv KanYe's verse on it. September 11 isn't far away so expect more tracks 2 leak out.
Check out the new leaked tracks from The Blueprint 3...

Jay-Z Ft. Drake - Off That

Jay-Z - Reminder

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