Tuesday, August 18

Kings Of Leon

This year I've been lookin' forward 2 other genres of music other than Hip Hop & R&B. I always like other music but I didn't express dat 2 my peers. My parents told me one day I'm gonna out grow Hip Hop & one of my cousins though I was too Hip Hop 2 even listen 2 R&B Soul. Yep I was offended but then I'm surrounded by ppl who only listen 2 Hip Hop & R&B so it's not cool 2 listen 2 Rock, Pop & others. Last summer I was samplin' rock songs & realized I'm not bein' real 2 myself, I like music & I should listen to what I want. Fuck what da next guy says I'm missin' on good music. I'm behind on albums now but I wanna add a rock album in my CD rack & Kings Of Leon will fill dat spot.
Check out 2 of my fravorites Kings Of Leon joints "Sex On Fire" & "Someone Like You" @ www.myspace.com/kingsofleon

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