Saturday, May 9

Turn My Swag On!

When I'm goin' out clubbin' or to a party or whatever, I guess I steal my dad's old school routine from the 80's into the early 90's. Before he goes out, he puts his stereo in the bathroom plays some songs to help him turn up his swag. The songs he plays the most & are my favorites is Keith Sweat - Keep It Comin' & Ralph Tresavant - Sensitivity. My dad lost dat bathroom swag so I've scooped it up & that's the only thing I'm takin' from him cause my swag is way different than his. He was dat nigga back then drinkin' Budwiser, watchin' Married Wit Children or screamin' @ da Knicks 4 losin'

Peep da music on da side my bathroom swagger music (groomin' music) Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity

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