Sunday, October 25

Alife Apparel & Footwear Warehouse Sale (NYC)

Most of you guys in NYC already know about this seasons Alife Cash Only Warehouse Sale but if you still haven’t, the sale started Friday. The sale is at 359 Layfayette Street (old Nort/Recon space), with 50%-80% off tag on a great assortment of tees, apparel, footwear and accessories from up to six seasons past. Check out a preview below and make sure to stop by.

ALIFE Cash Only Warehouse Sale

359 Lafayette Street | Map

New York, NY 10013

Sale Dates:
October 23rd (Friday) - November 1st (Sunday)

I need to take my ass up in that store cause they got what I need, shit they should pay me 4 this promotion but it's ok I'm covered...haha. Via: Freshness Mag

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Anonymous said...

Ughhhhh I wish I lived in New York. I'd hit up the shoe sale even if they are mens. haha