Friday, October 23

My Mouth Is Watering Rite Now :p Paula Patton Graces Giant Magazine

Giant Magazine dubbed her as “The Next Halle Berry”. Hmm... I guess u can say that & I believe she looks better than Halle any day but we'll see how far she goes in her career. Robin Thicke (a.k.a The Whisper King) you lucky mutha fucka, damn what a great catch! I'm gonna have 2 be the wide reciever & get me a great Paula & Robin Thicke are expecting their first child, nice. Here are some pics.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks for the encouraging words. Hopefully I'll learn how to not let people determine how i should feel. It takes time.

By the way, that girl is pretty. lol NO HOMO.<<< Hate when people say that.