Tuesday, September 22

Bubbles On Dynasty TV

You do know why her name is bubbles rite?? Well if you look @ her body from the front just assume she gotta fat ass. Dynasty TV interviews Bubbles askin' her how she started modeling & stuff like that. It's a 14 minute video so I just breeze thru it if I was you...lol. 36D-27-47...Hut!!
Check out the clip...


Anonymous said...

Lets just say I skipped this video, lmfaooo.

Tweety bird is a fail because she's adorable but has a big ass mouth.

Anonymous said...

LOL :) is my jam. Shoot, every thing he produces is my jam. That "Just Gotta Make It" is a favorite though haha, he was like 16?

But yeah, Tweety Bird is just a fail period. Snitch, on the real. But she did have some confidence haha.

Anonymous said...

I do love Can't Help But Wait too. That was when he like blew up. :)

Yeah, I'm a sucker for those Nike high tops. Can't help it.

LOL Elmer Fudd is a huge fail. Bugs Bunny was sort of a fail too..what a stereotype. I always thought carrots would taste like cheetos cause of the crunching sound.