Thursday, March 26

Fuck Twitter!

2 days ago I figured since I'm on twitter all the time, I should put twitter on my phone but I couldn't figure out how to make that happen. Then Yesterday I tried again, mission accomplished. All of a sudden all the updates from the twitters I'm following their messages go straight to my So I had hundreds of texts & I was pissed. Some how textin' twitter to get them to stop the messages didn't work so I had to remove everyone I'm following to stop the messages from comin' in. What sucks is that I had 2 open another account wit da same name so I won't get those text messages & I changed my old account's name into "deletedonce" if you didn't know. I'm not doin' this again I'm use twitter on the web & only the web fuck that. I know I get unlimited text but my contract is already up so I hope the bill won't kill me otherwise I'll be one angry

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