Saturday, April 18

The Style War From Complex & Nah Right

I was on The Lupe E.N.D. Blog (Lupe Fiasco's Blog) & saw some Hip Hop tournament brackets NCAA tournament style. They have "The Golden Age Division", "The Flashy & Classy Division", "The Originality Division" & "The Hood Division". I didn't agree wit some of the rappers bein' placed in certain divisions but whatever do whatever floats your boat. Shame on them for not puttin' Eminem in the tournament.

Question: If you are rapper or just pretend you are a rapper, what division you would place yourself in? Imma rapper & will drop some material real soon just gotta handle some fiances but if I blow up I would be between "The Originality Division" or "The Flashy & Classy Division" & it seems like I'm on my way to "The Flashy & Classy Division" cause I'm Fresh as I'm is now but I don't really wanna toot my own

Check out the brackets

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