Thursday, May 20

Unknown Soldier Graphic Tees

Unknown Soldier pays a graphic tribute to (good) ideas and those who have them. Bringing together the many influences of music, fashion, cinema, arts and many other satellite disciplines, the Los Angeles-based brand launches a themed line of t-shirts illustrating ideas, currents, movements or simply attitudes that evoke our culture. Four different designs were produced for this batch, available now through Opening Ceremony, Nom de Guerre and A.Kinney Court.

With a first series of soft, washed silkscreen printed jersey pieces dedicated to music (every season will feature a different theme), Unknown Soldier unveils graphics – a mix of re-worked archive visuals, vintage album covers and posters, images picked up along the way, as well as originally designed graphics – that speak to all of us. Treating elements of our common culture with a great sense of irony and a measure of nostalgia, in a muted palette of black, grey and white, Unknown Soldier plays with an imagery that is familiar to us all, though not always rightfully acknowledged or identified.

In the limitless and eclectic approach that characterizes his music, D.J. Mathieu Schreyer successfully tries his hand at another form of expression. The French transplant has lived around the world before settling in Los Angeles where he hosts a show on KCRW and holds down residency at Bar Marmont. He has worked with many artists and brands such as Ben Harper, Michel Gondry, Tricky, N’Dea Davenport, Spacek, Syreeta, Condenast, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Levi’s, Nom de Guerre, Stussy, Sundance, Nike, Apple, etc, making this new venture a natural evolution of his original expression.
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