Saturday, May 8

Kayo Black - Dead Presidents (Freestyle)

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nick said...

you went hard on that joint... you had some serious lines in that shit.

"you can't knock the hustle, just do it like nike, and you can buy a house like mikey, pick one, tyson, jordan, jackson, action, money sticks to me like magnets"

"i'm gonna alter my vision, being broke is against my religion"

"refuse to lose, 2 legit to quit, i won't stop til everybody bumps my shit" <------- word up.

"put my eyes under stevie wonder's glasses to see if his world ain't matching mine"

it sound like you was getting at somebody in the second verse. "hustling hard looking like a rock star then you lost your spot when you're in that cop car" haha.. whoever that verse was about got shitted on.