Friday, February 26

Raekwon The Chef – Latest & Greatest Hits Promo Cassette (1995)

Labeled as one of the greatest classics in Hip Hop Raekwon the Chef’s solo effort “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…” still sounds as fresh as in 1995. Witty wordplay & grimy beats were all a true Hip Hop fan could ask for. Thanks to Hype Beast & dirt_dog of Philaflava the music world can now rejoice as a digitized version of Rae’s promotional cassette hits the internet. Here’s detailed information on this special treat. I need this treat cause I'm a lil' bored wit Hip Hop now, too many rappers puttin' out wack shit, female rappers hatin' on each other & all of them hatin' on Nicki Minaj cause she's out there. Simple rappers sayin' lyrical rappers are broke. Simple rappers are broke too, matter-a-fact u can find them in the back of a milk cartain...haha


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