Tuesday, January 26

Ok How Bout This??

Ok well the BalckBerry is a lil' 2 expensive so I'm lookin' at LG enV® TOUCH same price $50 dollars but the plan is better. I need my unlimited text, I gonna need internet access mostly 4 facebook & twitter. I don't need 2 worry about makin' calls, I just need em' 4 employers 2 set me up 4 job interviews, other wise free nites & weekends :) One day if my music is poppin' (Stay tunned 4 Kayo Black TV, Mixtapes, Rebel Of America & Money Is Power) & I get the clout I deserve I'd like to talk 2 Black Berry & create "KayoBlackBerry" You like that idea huh?? Sure You do :)
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Anonymous said...

A tator tax is when my dad steals a french fry. lol.

Ciara made "Like a Boy" silly Beyonce made "If I Were a Boy"
Lmao I wish I could've seen those women singing to you.