Wednesday, January 20

Late Nite Warz!!

This reminds me of wrestling back in the day but 4 wrestling it was Monday nites. They had WWE Monday Night Raw vs WCW Monday Nitro. What's interesting to me is 2 see which wrestler would switch shows & of course WWE Monday Night Raw won the war. That's how I see it wit the late shows: The Jay Leno Show(NBC), The Tonight Show w/ Conan O'Brien(NBC), The Late Show w/ David Latterman (CBS) & Jimmy Kimmel Live(ABC). All these guys are throwing shots @ Jay Leno cause NBC wants 2 move Leno @ 11:30 & push Conan back 2 midnite & that pushes Jimmy Fallon & Carson Daily back an hour as well. Conan hates the idea & would rather leave so Jay gets The Tonight Show back.
So here's Jeno Leno as he speaks about his side of the Late Nite Warz goin' on from New York to L.A.

Now here's Conan O'Brien expressing his feelings about NBC & Jay, check it out...

Now here's Jimmy Kimmel as a guest on The Jay Leno Show. This is classic rite here, Jimmy killin' Jay Leno on his own show...ouch!!

Now David Latterman adds his 2 cents into the warz. Talks about his time on NBC in the 80's & mocks Jay.
Stay tunned for the continuation of LATE NITE WARZ!!
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