Saturday, January 30

Burger King Plans 2 Have A Beer Selling Whopper Bar In South Beach

Burger King will unveil plans to sell beer and burgers at a Whopper Bar — a new BK concept to compete with casual dining restaurants — in Miami Beach's tourist-heavy South Beach. The South Beach Whopper Bar is scheduled to open in mid-February. Don't look for beer at conventional Burger Kings. That's not in the plans. But more Whopper Bars — which offer an assortment of burgers, toppings and beer — could be on tap in tourist hot spots such as New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, says Chuck Fallon, president of Burger King North America. A brewski at the new Whopper Bar — served in special aluminum bottles to keep them extra cold — fetches $4.25. Or, order beer as part of a Whopper combo and your bill will be $7.99 — roughly $2 more than the same combo meal with a fountain drink. The unusual move comes as the restaurant industry is reeling. Restaurant operators reported lower same-store sales in November, compared with a year earlier, for the 18th-consecutive month, the National Restaurant Association reports. Nearly 65% of operators reported a same-store sales decline in November.

Well I've taken a break from fast foods anyway cause the last 2 1/2 years I gained over 20 pounds eating that shit. I got a lil' fat in the cheeks & my gut so I'm tryin' 2 get my mojo back 4 the summer. I can gain & loose weight easy so I gotta control my weight, one year I was skinny as fuck & the next year I was gettin' thick.
Time 2 get that Mojo Back!!
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Elevators is HOT fiyahhh.

Beyonce is very negative but I still love her. & Alicia is just lying in her songs. She was sleepin with Swizz, her heart wasnt broken!

Women. Smh.