Friday, January 22

Bad Day .... My Cell Phone Is Broken

Yesterday I was walking 2 A&P, (Long walk from my house) my phone clip fell from my waist & on to the street & I didn't even noticed. I came outta A&P & finalized my cell is not on me so I panicked. I search around A&P then I retraced my steps... nothing, it was dark out so I really couldn't see but I stayed out for 2 hours looking 4 it. I got home thinking somebody took it but was determined 2 get it back. I woke up this morning @ 6:30AM went out 2 find the cell phone, since it was light out side. I found it broken after a H2 Hummer passed me by. I have a strong feeling that H2 hummer crushed my celly, that & other cars. I lost my cell phone before this so a discount 4 a new celly is outta the question.

4 NOW ON I HATE H2 HUMMERS!! EVERY TIME I SEE ONE IT'S GONNA REMIND ME OF THIS DAY!! WTF!?!? I feel naked witout my cellphone :(
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