Thursday, December 24

Married To The Game: The Story Of Death Row Records

THIS IS THE STORY OF DEATH ROW RECORDS, as seen through the eyes of Lydia Harris -- the wife of Michael "Harry O" Harris, one of Southern California's main drug kingpins around the time the label was launched (1991). While married to Michael Harris, Lydia Harris took the helm of a record company that her husband and Marion Suge Knight started prior to his incarceration. While maintaining her marriage and taking care of their child, Lydia did all the groundwork that was essential to launching the company to the forefront of mainstream America while Suge Knight took all the credit. In her efforts to protect her family's interest she started to receive threats and more which resulted in her winning one of the largest lawsuit settlements in the history of rap music: $105 million, awarded to her in 2005 for unpaid royalties and a buy-out of her & Harry O's portion of Death Row. THIS IS THE STORY ABOUT THE FORMATION OF DEATH ROW RECORDS as told by one of the co-founding members of one of the world's biggest music empires.
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wow, im happy she got her cash from that punk ass bitch suge, how he gonna call himself big but he got knocked out by a barber? i cant stand his ass and i truly belive he is the reason behind tupac and biggie's death...but wow, is thia gonna be a book or a movie? wish the video wasn't removed