Friday, November 20

La Diva

If you saw the Pacquiao
fight last weekend, then I'm sure saw La Diva. In May 2008, it was confirmed that GMA Artist Center would be forming a female music trio called La Diva. SOP is known for showcasing world class talent who strive for constant reinvention. With its “Three of a Kind” segment, the musical variety show gets ready to introduce a new generation of divas.

Member Jonalyn Viray notes that a meeting for the creation of La Diva was held in January this year, with the stipulation that each member of the group would still keep their own identities, and their solo careers. While the three ladies of La Diva are uncertain of how the group was formed, the combining factor is that each of them came from the singing competition, Pinoy Pop Superstar. Jonalyn Viray and Maricris Garcia were the Grand Champions of the first and third seasons respectively, and Aicelle Santos was the runner-up of the second season.

Their untitled debut album is currently in the works, and will be produced by Danny Tan under GMA Records and Sony Music Entertainment. The album will consist of 14 tracks, a mix of both original and covers including their first three singles Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan, Ikaw ang Pag-Ibig and Ay Amor, Rosalinda.

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