Sunday, November 22

I wanna See This Doc!!

Yo these 3 chicks are buggin' specially the 3rd chick on the rite talkin' bout she don't wanna lightskin baby cause their vains will show on their leg & their pimples will show on their faces. This is the ignorant shit we go thru & it's sad cause we grew up on this. Our parents when thru this & our kids will go thru this & so on...smh. This is part 2 of this Lightskins vs Darkskins post, you can check out my previous post Black People We Are Horrible...LMAO.
Check out the clip...


Anonymous said...

I'm white & this shit pisses me off.
I don't understand it...It's horrible though...all these stereotypes & all these things these women are worried about. Bullshit. Not wanting a light skinned baby because veins will show, it's like that good hair shit. It's all irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

LOL You stopped loving Janet b/c Keri & Rihanna came along but no one is gunna shake my love for Trey!