Friday, November 20

Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind II

I luv this song (& definitely Pt. 1) if you from New York you will be proud. Even tho I live in New Jersey now I always have that New York attitude. I feel like I move from 0 to 60 then back 2 zero, I go from broke to cakin' then back 2 broke but I keep grindin'. New York is inspirational to me because of "the city that never sleeps" thing, you have 2 work hard & strive 2 be the best you can be & for those who don't will be homeless & you see them on the street. "Empire State Of Mind", "So Ambitious" & "Can't Tell Me nothing" all 3 songs inspire me to over come doubts.

A-Keys performs "Empire State Of Mind II" on iheartradio.
Check out the video...

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