Thursday, June 25

MC Hammer Gets Plays Out By Some Lady On The Today Show

Lady on The Today Show brings up MC Hammer's fucked up past when he blew 33 million & went bankrupt. Hammer was so embarrassed he said his 11 year old son don't know about Dats what happens when u hire like 100 people 2 work 4 you, damn go 4 100 million stupid!
Check out da clip...

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So Freakin Chic said...

poor Hammer! he looked terrified trying to play dat shit off.

why keep it a secret from yah child tho?
obviously yall doing straight now.

--i HATE HATE HATE when people are embarrassed or try to hide their history/past. if you've overcome it..SHARE that shit and be an inspiration.

"they alwys say history is bound to repeat its self" WELL of course it is, cuz mofo's didnt know it happened the first time.

okay my dr phil side is back underwraps. sorry! lol