Tuesday, June 23

Lil' Jon Was Really Little Jon

Damn some celebs just didn't have it good in high school. Damn did Lil' Jon have dat same energy in high school? Don't look like it. High school really does teach you about the real world cause we all are placed wit labels on us. In High school you either popular, a jock, a nerd, whatever. The last thing about high school is what people remember most about you? I think people remembered me bein' laid back, cool, often mistaken to bein' shy & mostly remembered by havin' braids. My braids actually got me twice as many girls I already had...lol, all they kept sayin' is don't cut your hair.

I'll tell you one thing I ain't goin' 2 my high school reunion cause I think its corny cause its deeper than seein' people u haven't seen in years. It's more about about who's successful or who's not. It's even about how good your wifey\hubby or girlfriend\boyfriend looks.
Somebody is really gonna have 2 talk me into goin'. High school is just about 2 finish 4 da summer & wit all these celeb high school pics, it's gettin' me into a flash back into my days in high school.

Wanna see your favorite celeb's highschool pics?
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So Freakin Chic said...

he looks like a fish.